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Private Tour - Sri Lanka Vacation

Duration: 5 Nights | 6 Days

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Private Tour - Sri Lanka Vacation

Duration: 5 Nights | 6 Days

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Private Tour - The Essence of Sri Lanka

Duration: 7 Nights | 8 Days

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Beruwala - Holiday Tour Packages


When people plan a vacation to Sri Lanka, they usually think of visiting the top cities like Colombo, Kandy, and Jaffna. There's definitely nothing wrong with this since these places do have lots of wonderful things to offer to visitors. But, if you're planning to spend your holiday in Sri Lanka, take note that they're not the only places you can visit! If you want to take the road less traveled, you can also explore other less-known but still beautiful areas, such as Beruwala.


Beruwala is a town in the Kalutara District, which is part of the country's Western Province. It's well-known among the locals because it's the site of the first Muslim settlement in the island and because of its relatively untouched natural beauty. It's the perfect holiday destination if you're looking for a tropical place that hasn't been yet swamped by tourists and provides a relaxing atmosphere.



Places to Visit in Beruwala


The first place you'll want to visit when you arrive in Beruwala is the beach. Nicknamed the “Golden Mile”, it features golden sand that feels warm on your bare feet and swaying palm trees that create the perfect backdrop to your tropical vacation. This spot is the starting point of the 81-mile stretch of beach that cover Sri Lanka's south coast.


You'll also want to visit the religious structures in the town. It has an 11th century mosque and a 12th century Buddhist temple, which are worth at least a full day's visit not just because of their interesting architectural styles but also because of their historical value.



Things to Do in Beruwala


Beruwala may not be as popular as Sri Lanka's tourist spots, but this doesn't mean you'll get bored when staying in the town. This comes from the fact there are numerous things you can do during your Beruwala holiday, such as:


  • Taking part in various water sports. Because of its proximity to the beach, Beruwala is a great spot not just for swimming but also for parasailing, wind surfing, and water skiing. Its rich marine environment also makes it an excellent place for deep-sea fishing and coral reef diving.
  • Shopping at the China Fort, which has become popular as a gem trading center. Spend some of your travel budget on a pretty necklace or gorgeous ring made of precious stones, or just do some window shopping and admire the wide range of colorful gems.
  • Indulge in some Ayurvedic treatments. Beruwala has become one of Sri Lanka's Ayurvedic centers, so don't pass up the opportunity to try a heavenly steam bath or a relaxing massage.



Top Attractions in Beruwala

Beruwala is blessed with lots of wonderful sights, both natural and man-made. We've rounded up some of the best attractions that you should check out and listed them below.


  • Golden Mile, aka Beruwala's broad and breathtaking beach. As mentioned above, the beach comes with golden sand and is sheltered by numerous palm trees, making it a perfect place to get a nice tan or just relax.
  • Kachimalai Mosque, which was built in the 11th century and is considered to the oldest mosque in the country. It's said to have been built to commemorate the arrival of the Moors in Sri Lanka.
  • Galapata Buddhist Temple, which was constructed in the 12th century and is well-known because of its eye-catching wall frescoes.



Beruwala Holiday Packages


Beruwala is a great place to spend your vacation with your friends and family. Book one of our Sri Lanka holiday packages and be on your way to a fun and memorable trip.



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