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Greece Holiday Packages

One of the jewels of the Mediterranean, Greece is a tropical paradise worth exploring all-year round. Think of eating at tavernas, swimming in numerous beaches, hopping from one island to another, and taking a step closer to gods and goddesses you’ve only ever read in Mythology books. Choose holiday packages to the South Aegean Islands and get to travel to Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, and Rhodes. Visit the Parthenon, the Acropolis of Athens, Delphi Theatre and Meteora. The list can go on and on, and La Vacanza can help you create an itinerary that will satisfy your curiosity about Greece, its people, history and culture. Book a tour now.


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Greece - Holiday Tour Packages from India


Land of the gods. Home of the most stunning beaches and spectacular landscapes in the world. Cauldron of sweet and savoury dishes. Cornucopia of sightseeing and activities. All this and more is what Greece is all about. This sun-kissed country in the southernmost tip of the Balkan Peninsula, with its endless coastline and rugged hillsides, is and will be one of the most popular and visited travel destinations in the world. So how about going to Greece on your next holiday?


Top places to visit in Greece

The entirety of Greece is a paradise you should explore and fully enjoy, but take time to visit every island and you will realise that the wondrous things you've seen so far was just a taste of what awaits on the next days or weeks of your vacation.


But first, a trip to Athens, home of the Parthenon and the capital and largest city of Greece. Patra, renowned wine and carnival region. Heraklion, archaeological site of Knossos and the largest city of Crete. Rhodes, known for its medieval structures, beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.


Then, on to the Greek islands where the number of things to do, see, taste and enjoy equal or surpass the number of islands you can travel to. Each island in Greece has something different to offer that they have to be categorised into islands with the best beaches, with the most exciting nightlife, with significant archaeological digs, or with the most luxurious hotels and resorts. Know though that one island can be one or all of these. Santorini, for example, is a favourite honeymoon destination, has luxury resorts, provides the best access by airplane, and boasts of impressive landscapes. 


Top things to do in Greece

Probably the only limit of the things you can do in Greece is the one that you impose on yourself. But if you are all for having fun and engaging in different adventures, sightseeing & activities in Greece abound. 

  • Go island hopping and swim in every beach that you find yourself in. If the opportunity presents itself, go diving, snorkelling, water skiing, and other water sports.
  • Experience the nightlife and just have fun. Party with total strangers and make new friends before the sun rises.
  • Take a history or mythology lesson from archaeological digs, historical buildings, and heritage-rich areas of the country. Acquaint yourself with every god's statue that you pass by. 
  • Feed your body and soul with the local ambrosia, starting with high quality wine at the vineyards of Attica. 

Think you had everything covered? Not quite yet. But that's what is exciting about a vacation to Greece.


Top attractions in Greece

Most attractions that make it to holiday packages to Greece highlight its history. 

  • The Acropolis is the Western world's most important ancient site. It is visible from almost everywhere in Athens, and its crown jewel is the Parthenon.
  • Ancient Delphi provides a glimpse into times when pilgrims flock to the area to consult the Oracle. You won't find a priest or priestess in Delphi today, but you will surely feel their presence.
  • Ancient  Olympia is where you will find the ruins of the Temple of Zeus that remain dominant and immense, even if these are nothing more than remnants of the temple's former glory.


Greece holiday packages from India

There are a wide range of Greece holiday packages to choose from. In fact, if you wish to experience the best of Greece during your holiday, it is recommended to sign up for one of the Greece holiday package tours on offer.



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