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Best of Kruger National Park Luxury Safari in South Africa with Johannesburg and Cape Town

Duration: 7 Nights | 8 Days

Departure Point: India

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Kruger National Park - Holiday Tour Packages


Kruger National Park: When in Kruger National Park…Don’t Laze Around - What usually comes to mind whenever someone talks about Africa or South Africa? Yes, natural reserves and vast grassland within national parks. In South Africa, one of the most popular and renowned game reserves is the Kruger National Park. It is home to the Big Five jewels of South Africa's crown. Because of its size and wildlife, it is a category on its own – a travel destination with numerous sightseeing & activities tourist and travellers can experience and enjoy. 



Places to visit in Kruger National Park


The Kruger National Park is well set up and maintained for tourist and travellers. There are good roads and a wide range of accommodation that will suit all travel budgets. It is virtually a good location for a long vacation. The park is divided into several areas, with each one offering something different. The northern Kruger National Park is described as a fairy tale world where you will find ancient trees, early human ancestors, big game and plenty of birds. In this park alone, you will have plenty of things to do in just one day. The Limpopo and the crocodile rivers are on the north and south respectively, while the Lebombo Mountains on the east that separate the park from Mozambique. 



Things to do in Kruger National Park


Even if you only spend your vacation specifically in Kruger National Park, you will have plenty of things to do. You can sign up for a spot of summer bird watching and get a glimpse of the most colourful birds in the world. If you prefer a leisurely ride and to travel at your own pace, you can go mountain biking all over the game reserve and come in close contact with the big 5. You can also spot rhinos on foot when you stay at the Rhino Walking Safaris Plains Camp. And, after a long day of mountain biking or trekking, you can treat yourself to royal pampering right in Kruger National Park at the Jock Safari Lodge. If you want to make the most of your vacation, choose holiday packages to Kruger National Park that lets you do what you want to do, and see what you want to see.



Top attractions in Kruger National Park


Kruger National Park is one of the famous attractions in South Africa, but it is home to some spectacular attractions as well, all natural of course with the exception of the camps and private lodges.


  • The Crocodile Bridge is at the south entrance to the park, which is just one of the nine gates leading inside. 
  • The wilderness trails are comprised of nine different routes that will take you two different areas in the park. What makes them amazing is the fact that the paths are made by animals seeking a way out through the bush.
  • The accommodation and facilities within the park deserve a spot in the list of top attractions what with their unique and distinct architecture and character. 



Then, there's the flora and fauna that makes the game reserve a top vacation destination. Plant life consists of four different areas, providing a home for birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians and fish. 



Kruger National Park holiday packages


Sightseeing & activities? Check. Places to visit? Check. Accommodation? Check. Now all you need to do is choose from Kruger National Park holiday packages.



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