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Morocco Holiday Packages

In terms of tourism, Morocco almost has it all. Want to soak up the sun and splash in cool waters? Head off to Essaouira, which has a walled fort right at its beach, or check out Legzira, which is famous for its towering sandstone cliffs and awesome natural rock arches right on the water. Want to learn more about the local history and culture? Visit the museums, theaters, and art galleries or, better yet, immerse yourself in the community by exploring the markets and interacting with the locals. Whatever you want to do, you’re sure you can enjoy it in Morocco. Book one of our Morocco holiday packages and start planning your vacation!


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Morocco - Holiday Tour Packages from India


What to expect in your Morocco holiday package : If you want to visit a unique destination that will give you a memorable vacation, you won't go wrong with picking Morocco. It's considered to be a one-of-a-kind place that lets visitors experience a different kind of culture (which has French, Spanish, and African influences) while introducing them to breathtaking natural wonders and eye-catching urban sights.


Morocco had a wide range of attractions to choose from that many travelers get confused as to which one they should visit first. So, if you decide to spend your vacation in Morocco, make sure to come up with at least a semi-structured itinerary (or ask us to do so for you!). This way, you can plan out your trip nicely and ensure you'll get to see all the attractions that have been on your Must-Visit list.


Places to visit in Morocco

Morocco has lots of wonderful, varied attractions that can cater to different kinds of travelers. If you love the sea, for instance, head off to the coast in Tangier and enjoy what this old (though recently upgraded) port city has to offer. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the country's history, spend a few days in the inland cities like Fez and Marrakesh and explore monuments and other historical attractions. If you're a nature lover or simply want to relax and breathe fresh air, go to the south and marvel at the majestic mountain ranges. 


Things to do in Morocco

There are a lot of activities that you can do during your Moroccan vacation, and one of these is go on a hike in the country's mountain ranges. You can conquer Jebel Toubkal, which is the highest peak in North Africa, or opt for more leisurely walks in Jebel Saghro or the Rif Mountains. 

Another thing you can do do is to explore the architectural wonders in Marrakesh. Visit the ruins of the El Badi Palace, check out the palaces and mansions in Medina, and admire the Koutoubia Minaret (which stands at 70 meters and can be seen from miles away during clear days). 

If you're a foodie, you can head off to Fez and sample its gastronomic delights. Stroll through its markets to buy fresh dates, olives, and spices, and wander around to find quaint and quirky cafes where you can enjoy some coffee while people watching. Make sure to sample the local pancakes, pastries, and soups, all of which you can buy from stalls.


Top attractions in Morocco

  • The High, Middle, and Anti Atlas mountain ranges, which are perfect for hiking.
  • El Jadida city, which is home to the five-star resort Mazagan and has a casino, a nightclub, and a golf course.
  • Tinghir, Zagora and Erfoud, which are located in the pre-Sahara area and contain several oases.


Morocco holiday packages

These are just some of the things you can see and do during your vacation in Morocco. Browse through Morocco holiday packages now and book one that best suits your needs to experience all of these during your trip!



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