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Washington DC Segway Tour

As you cruise through the Nation's Capital, past the monuments, White House and American icons, you ...

Location: Washington DC

Starting from 5112

EMI starts at 456.59 per month

San Francisco Combo: Alcatraz and City Segway Tour

Explore Alcatraz and take a city Segway tour to see top San Francisco attractions such as the Golden...

Location: San Francisco

Starting from 7945

EMI starts at 709.62 per month

New Orleans French Quarter Segway Tour

Discover the rich history and vibrant culture of New Orleans on this guided Segway tour. At a relaxe...

Location: New Orleans

Starting from 4431

EMI starts at 395.76 per month

San Francisco Wharf and Waterfront Segway Tour

Enjoy spectacular views of San Francisco Bay while you glide from site to site on an eco-friendly Se...

Location: San Francisco

Starting from 5240

EMI starts at 468.02 per month

Chicago Segway Tour

Hop on the most innovative tour to hit Chicago in years! Gliding around the Windy City on your very ...

Location: Chicago

Starting from 4929

EMI starts at 440.24 per month

Segway Tour of Savannah

Segway your way through Savannah on this adventurous 60-minute or 90-minute tour. Small or private g...

Location: Savannah

Starting from 3062

EMI starts at 273.49 per month

Golden Gate Park Segway Tour

Hop on an eco-friendly Segway for a convenient tour of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park! You'll see ...

Location: San Francisco

Starting from 5240

EMI starts at 468.02 per month

Two Hour Boston Segway Tour

A 2 hour Segway tour of Boston, including Charlestown and Cambridge!

Location: Boston

Starting from 5752

EMI starts at 513.75 per month

Downtown Nashville Segway Tour

Come see Nashville up close and personal on our 1- or 2-hour Segway tour. Explore Nashville with kno...

Location: Nashville

Starting from 3877

EMI starts at 346.28 per month

Philadelphia Segway Tour

See top Philadelphia sights including the Historic District, Penn's Landing, the Italian Market, the...

Location: Philadelphia

Starting from 3749

EMI starts at 334.85 per month

Historical Square Segway Tour in Savannah

Looking for something new to do in Savannah? You should try seeing beautiful Savannah on a Segway! O...

Location: Savannah

Starting from 3131

EMI starts at 279.65 per month

3-Hour San Francisco Segway Tour: Fisherman's Wharf to the Marina

Whether you're new to the city or a return visitor, this 3-hour Segway tour is a great way to explor...

Location: San Francisco

Starting from 4771

EMI starts at 426.13 per month

Charlotte Segway Tour

Buzz through Charlotte’s hopping Uptown neighborhood on this Segway tour of North Carolina’s biggest...

Location: Charlotte

Starting from 4192

EMI starts at 374.42 per month

Amazing Lakefront Segway in Chicago

Segways are amazingly fun, and Chicago's lakefront, parks, and skyline are absolutely gorgeous! Add ...

Location: Chicago

Starting from 4473

EMI starts at 399.51 per month

Private Segway Tour - Wharf & Hills of San Francisco

Combine the fun of touring San Francisco by Segway with the personal touch of having a private guide...

Location: San Francisco

Starting from 7839

EMI starts at 700.16 per month

Miami Segway Tour

This Segway tour is a fun, leisurely way to see Miami. Choose from two itineraries to explore the vi...

Location: Miami

Starting from 4115

EMI starts at 367.54 per month

Balboa Park Segway Tour

Did you know that Balboa Park is the nation’s largest urban cultural park, and it is actually bigger...

Location: San Diego

Starting from 4687

EMI starts at 418.63 per month

Private Balboa Park Segway Tour

Like San Diego locals, Balboa Park will become one of your favorite places to spend time in San Dieg...

Location: San Diego

Starting from 4005

EMI starts at 357.71 per month

Capitol of Texas Segway Tour

Segway Nation offers its 1.5 hour Austin Sightseeing and Capitol Segway Tour three times daily. This...

Location: Austin

Starting from 3390

EMI starts at 302.78 per month

Fort Lauderdale Segway Tour

Ride through Fort Lauderdale’s downtown, residential, and beachside routes on this Segway tour in th...

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Starting from 3995

EMI starts at 356.82 per month

Segway Tour of Old Town Scottsdale

Discover the historic charm of Old Town Scottsdale by Segway on this 2-hour tour, the easiest and mo...

Location: Phoenix

Starting from 3323

EMI starts at 296.8 per month

Atlanta Segway Tour: Midtown Sightseeing

Discover the highlights of Midtown Atlanta on a small-group Segway sightseeing tour, limited to eigh...

Location: Atlanta

Starting from 4022

EMI starts at 359.23 per month

Washington DC Segway Night Tour

A fabulous way to see Washington D.C. at night! Highlights include: The White House, US Capitol Buil...

Location: Washington DC

Starting from 5112

EMI starts at 456.59 per month

San Francisco at Night: Segway Tour of North Beach, Chinatown and the Embarcadero

When the sun goes down in San Francisco, a twinkling display of lights keeps the city glowing throug...

Location: San Francisco

Starting from 5240

EMI starts at 468.02 per month

Sites by Segway In Washington DC

This Segway tour provides an overview of the National Mall from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln ...

Location: Washington DC

Starting from 3817

EMI starts at 340.92 per month

Portland Segway Tour

See the sights of downtown Portland by Segway, and learn about this hip yet historic city from an ex...

Location: Portland

Starting from 3131

EMI starts at 279.65 per month

Historic Dallas Segway Tour

This historic downtown Dallas segway tour is a two-hour tour offered once daily. This tour is design...

Location: Dallas

Starting from 4773

EMI starts at 426.31 per month

Garden of the Gods Segway Tour

Tours at Garden of the Gods are spectacular. Only in Colorado Springs can you experience this kind o...

Location: Colorado Springs

Starting from 5939

EMI starts at 530.45 per month

Bat City Bridge Segway Tour in Austin

Combine the fun of touring Austin by Segway with the thrill of seeing the legendary bat colony of th...

Location: Austin

Starting from 4703

EMI starts at 420.06 per month

Santa Monica and Venice Beach Segway Tour

Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience of Southern California’s beach culture—famous worldwide for i...

Location: Santa Monica

Starting from 5726

EMI starts at 511.43 per month

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