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Thimphu Holiday Packages

The capital of Bhutan and the site of many Buddhist sites, Thimpu is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Bhutan. One of its iconic landmarks is the Tashichho Dzong, one of the fortress-type structures that showcase Bhutanese architecture, and one that has undergone renovations over the centuries. From the unique roof design to its gilded detailing, traditional architecture is definitely something worth discovering and seeing with your own eyes. Make sure to choose holiday packages that include a gastronomic journey with red rice and chili as part of the menu. La Vacanza offers different itineraries for a trip to Thimpu. Contact us today.


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Thimphu - Holiday Tour Packages


From a small settlement in the Thimphu Valley emerged a new capital that helped shape the future of Bhutan. After it was declared a capital in 1961, Thimphu became the center or activity, tourism and development. It is fairly a new travel destination, where visiting it means witnessing its growth and improvement. Be sure to check out the city center during your vacation.  


Top places to visit in Thimphu

  • Thimphu Center - The city center is part park, part open theater where live performances about the culture of Bhutan is performed. Along with other modern landmarks and features, it is a great place to travel to when in Bhutan. 
  • Norzin Lam - Are you looking for a place that has the modern comforts that you need? Norzin Lam has plenty of shopping complexes and hotels. Book your stay in any of the accommodations in the area and you won’t have far to go for souvenir shopping. 
  • Museums and Galleries - Where better will you learn more about Thimphu and Bhutan than in its museums? Galleries, on the other hand, showcase the locals’ artistry and creativity. So be sure to visit The National Folk Heritage Museum, Water Dragon Gallery and the Royal Textile Academy. 
  • Parks and Preserves - If you want to commune with the flora and fauna in Bhutan, you should visit its parks and preserves. One of these that often make it to Thimpu, Bhutan holiday packages is the Takin Preserve, where the national animal – Takin can be found. Takin is a hybrid between a cow and goat, which is why it is placed in a category on its own. 


Top things to do in Thimphu

Join the fun and crowd at the Thimphu Centenary Farmers Weekend Market. If you have never been to a domestic farm market before, you should do so when you travel to Bhutan. The weekend market brings together farm products from farmers all over the country. There is also a collection of fabric and handicrafts.  Go sightseeing and visit religious structures. Monasteries in Thimphu are quite old, with one built in the 15th century. If you were to visit only one, make it the site where the Statue of Sakyamuni Buddha sits, as it will provide you a stunning view of the sunset. Other things to do includes museum visits and excursions at the parks and preserves. 


Top attractions in Thimphu

  • Changangkha Lhakhang - Built in the 15th century, this monastery in Thimphu is dedicated to the Buddhist emanation of compassion, Avalokiteshvara. Aside from a stunning architecture worth checking out, it also affords a panoramic view of the Thimphu Valley. 
  • The Royal Textile Academy - Featuring weaving and textiles that showcase the rich heritage of Bhutan, the Royal Textile Academy is a textile haven where fabrics from the 1600s are put on display. It also has displays of traditional dresses for men and women. 
  • Tashichho Dzong - This fortress monastery is renowned for its golden roofs set in three tiers and bounded on four corners by three-story towers. The impressive structure and intricate details that went into its construction make Tashichho Dzong a must-visit during your vacation. 


Thimphu holiday packages

With these many things to see and do in Thimphu, choose one of the Bhutan holiday packages or Thimphu holiday packages now and visit this beautiful destination this year.



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