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Turkey Holiday Packages

What do holiday packages in Turkey has to offer? Hamams, beaches, bazaars, museums, ruins, landscapes, architecture, food & drink, and a gateway to the rest of the world. You can enjoy one or all of them. The choice is really up to you. Because whichever you choose, a visit to this amazing nation that sits between western Asia and eastern Europe would be something extraordinary. Don’t leave Turkey without taking a dip at the thermal spa terraces in Pamukkale, or laying your eyes on the grandeur and majesty of Hagia Sophia and its glittering mosaics. Contact La Vacanza today and start planning your trip to Turkey.


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Turkey - Holiday Tour Packages from India


Very few places in the world features a skyline filled with spires and domes with trees in between. Where there are high-rise buildings in some of the best metropolis in the world, Turkey has magnificent mosques that dominate its skyline and tells of its rich history and culture. What is even better is that surrounding its landscape are sandy beaches and soaring mountains that make up its natural scenery. 

If you walk the streets of Turkey and mingle with the locals, you're likely to establish a friendship that will last a lifetime. As an old saying in Turkey goes, 'A cup of coffee commits one to 40 years of friendship'.


Places to visit in Turkey

Spread out towards the Mediterranean, West Asia, Middle East and South Eastern Europe, expect plenty of interesting places to visit in turkey, all of which have equally amazing sightseeing & activities to offer. Whether you travel from the Aegean Turkey to Southeastern Anatolia, your holiday will be packed with unforgettable and exciting experiences.


Looking to add history and antiquity in your vacation? Head out to Anatolia, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and the Ethnographic Museum. Never leave Turkey without visiting the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas where some of the best and most beautiful beaches can be found. You can join a blue cruise tour and spend time on the shores of Fethiye, Kas or Marmaris. You can then turn your trip into an underwater adventure, where you explore some of the best diving spots in Turkey. 


Most people who travel to Turkey would not miss an opportunity to visit the Black Sea region, where most of Turkey's natural wonders are waiting for you to explore. But one thing you should not miss during your vacation is a visit to Cappadocia. This semi-arid region at the heart of Turkey is home to natural sites that can only be described as otherworldly.


Things to do in Turkey

What are some of the things to do during your holiday in Turkey? The choice is pretty much unlimited. 

  • Ride a hot air balloon to see most of Cappadocia, and then experience it up close and personal.
  • Go swimming, deep-sea diving, snorkeling and other water sports in the warm waters of the Mediterranean beaches. 
  • During winter, engage in different winter sports in some of the best resorts in Turkey, such as Uludag near Bursa, Kartepe near Izmit, and the Sarikamis near Kars in the country’s northeast. If you get lucky to travel to Saklikent near Antalya when the snow cover period is short, you can ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon in the warm waters of the Mediterranean coast. 


Top attractions in Turkey

Ancient ruins and architectural heritage are spread in all parts of Turkey. Some of them are left by Hittites, ancient Greeks, Romans and other indigenous peoples, such as Lycians. There are 15 properties in Turkey that have been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and 60 others more have been nominated. Some of the sites you might want to see included in Turkey holiday packages are Ephesus, Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi, and the Diyarbakir Fortress and Hevsel Gardens Cultural Landscape.


Turkey holiday packages from India

There are a wide range of Turkey holiday packages to choose from. In fact, if you wish to see the best of Turkey during your holiday, it is recommended to sign up for one of the Turkey holiday package tours on offer.



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