Mr. Moin Mushtaque

Vice President Essar Telecom Retail Limited (Mobile Store)

Rewards, Recognition and Travel Incentives is an crucial part of an organization’s strategy to motivate its sales people. It is a assured formula to drive better sales performance and target achievement.

We have been sending teams to locations across Europe, Australia, US, Africa. South East Asian locations being regular favorite. The Role of the MICE operator is crucial, due to a number of logistical challenges, such as keeping a large group of people together (from all parts of the country & unknown to one another) local Indian Cuisine, Ensuring group keeps timelines and making a itinerary that caters to varying demands from sightseeing, shopping, conference, theme dinners to team building activities….

This is where we have had a great experience with LA VACANZA team . This team’s ability to deliver and offer an “Incentive program” instead of a “trip abroad”, has been truly remarkable. I have travelled to many destinations myself the entire tour was conducted clockwise start to end. It has always ended with groups giving them a standing ovation for their enthusiastic service and amazing ability to go into details, right from selection of destination, hotel, food, activities, shopping and free time.

I wish LA VACANZA all the best for their future endeavors. This team is truly the best in the trade.