Ahmedabad Holiday Packages

Ahmedabad Holiday Packages

Just like many major cities in India and the world, Ahmedabad can be too much to take during peak hours. However, that shouldn't deter you from wanting to visit a city that has an interesting collection of architectural and cultural attractions. You can find out the amazing things in store for you at Ahmedabad by booking any one of La Vacanza's Ahmedabad holiday packages or tours.


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Ahmedabad – Holiday Tour Packages

Ahmedabad may be a major city, but it's usually not the first that comes to mind when thinking about a visit to the Indian state of Gujarat. And that's despite the presence of some stunning architectural structures and an interesting cultural scene.

This is why holiday packages to Ahmedabad exist: to show you the many wonders of a place that would often get ignored for the more popular destinations. If you're interested in taking a trip to this wonderful city, let La Vacanza show you the way!

Ahmedabad Activities

Over the years, Ahmedabad has transformed into an important economic and industrial hub in India. The fast-growing city founded in the 11th century may be home to several chemical, IT, and petroleum industries but it still maintains links to its past, evidenced in the wonderful structures that still remain standing.

While booking Ahmedabad holiday packages will get you to the most visited destinations in the city, there are other fun activities you can do when not part of a tour group.

Admire the architecture.

There is wealth of architectural styles in Ahmedabad that leave you in awe. Seeing the different structures warrants holding on to your smartphone or camera to take snaps of all the wonderful styles you'll see.

This is a city that is home to centuries-old buildings as well as more contemporary designs. So when you're in the city, remember to always look around.

Attend a festival.

If you're in town in time for one of the city's many festivals, hang around to see what it's all about. One of the most popular festivals is Diwali or the Festival of Light.

Go shopping.

While Ahmedabad has shopping malls, you will appreciate your purchases more by going around market stalls. You will find different kinds of jewelry and textiles that you can bring home as souvenirs.


Ahmedabad is a paradise for foodies, but you can still enjoy the culinary delights even if you're not. It's all about appreciating different kinds of cuisine.

Ahmedabad Attractions

Ahmedabad has a lot to offer that planning a trip can be quite overwhelming. If it's your first time in the city, why don't you let La Vacanza help you decide with an offering of holiday packages that are to your liking. With us, you get to see popular attractions such as:

Sabarmati Ashram.

This was once the house of Mahatma Gandhi.

Jama Masjid.

It's hard to miss this imposing yellow sandstone structure standing in the center of the old city.

Swaminarayan Temple.

Constructed for the Swaminarayan Sampraday, a Hindu sect, this structure is stunning piece of architecture that is full of color and rich carvings.

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