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Alwar Holiday Packages


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Alwar - Holiday Tour Packages

An ancient city lost and found, Alwar is one of those vacation destinations that will leave you in awe long after you have left it and gone home to tell stories about it. In 1500 BC, it was part of the Matsya territories, and is considered the oldest of all Rajasthani kingdoms. But it was almost forgotten until the 18th century when a Rajput of Kachwaha lineage, brought it back to the limelight. Today, it is part of holiday packages to Rajasthan, and will hold a special place in your heart after you have enjoyed its own flavor of sightseeing & activities. 

Places to visit in Alwar 

  • City Palace complex - Truly a complex construction feat, the City Palace complex consists of ghats and pavilions set in symmetrical series and several massive ghats. It is a marvel you should not miss during your vacation. Make sure you check out the Alwar Museum within the palace complex. 
  • Bala Quila Fort - Built before the Mughals rose to power, Bala Quila Fort is one of the forts you will find all over Rajasthan, which happen to have plenty. The imposing fortification stand 300m above the city and hugs the steep hills that run on the eastern edge. For centuries, the fort was used as a military defense. Today, it is one of the must-see tourist attractions. You should also check out other forts in the city, such as the Ajabgarh Fort, Bhangarh Fort, and the Neemrana Fort. 

There are plenty of other interesting places to visit in Alwar, most of which has a unique offering of sightseeing & activities. 

Things to do in Alwar

  • Go on a sightseeing tour and see the best of the best of Alwar, from its forts to natural wonders. You might not see them all in one day, so extend your vacation to a week or so. 
  • Take a boat cruise across the Silliserh Lake and enjoy a view of the nearby Silliserh Hotel and surroundings. 
  • Enjoy a day of trekking across the Aravali Hills that surround the city. Doing so is the best way to get a panoramic view of Alwar and other areas. 
  • Visit the town of Sariska and its famous tiger sanctuaries. Although not a part of Alwar per se, it is definitely worth a detour. 
  • Enjoy a day of swimming or picnic at the Garbhaji Water Falls, one of the most scenic spots in the city. 

Top attractions in Alwar 

  • Alwar Museum - Literally the city’s hidden gem, the Alwar Museum is built within the City Palace complex. It houses several artifacts that showcase the extravagance and flamboyance of the kind of lifestyle that the maharajas lived and enjoyed. Here, you will find royal ivory slippers, a table made of solid silver, and a Vishnu sculpture that dates back to the 11th century. There are also eclectic and stunning weapons on display. 
  • Garbhaji Water Falls - A natural landscape in Alwar worth visiting, the Garbhaji Water Falls treats you to an amazing view of Mother Nature’s handiwork. Given its altitude, trekkers will also love to spend a day at this magnificent waterfalls. 

Alwar holiday packages

Still wondering what other things to do and see in Alwar? Best that you find out for yourself. 

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