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Amritsar Holiday Packages

Amritsar Holiday Packages

The Government of India has chosen Amritsar as one of the cities to be included on the list of Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY) scheme. There must be really good reasons for it.

And the best way to find out is to book holiday packages to Amritsar, the holy city in Punjab.

There's the Golden Temple, for one, with the “holy pool of nectar” surrounding it. Then, there’s the Jallianwala Bagh garden, Wagah border with Pakistan and other attractions and landmarks that make Amritsar a pilgrimage and tourism hub.


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Amritsar Holiday Tour Packages

La Vacanza Travel offers holiday packages to Amritsar for an opportunity to explore this amazing city in India. Here, you can be a tourist, pilgrim, or both and enjoy sights and sounds that are unique to Amritsar, the cultural and spiritual center of the Sikh religion.

Explore the city for one day or spend three or more nights for a more immersive experience. You're sure to fall in love with the city's grandeur and magnificence.

Places to Visit in Amritsar

Golden Temple

A historical and architectural wonder, the Golden Temple is a place best experienced rather than watched from afar or described. Holiday tour packages to Amritsar will be incomplete without a visit to this most spiritual place in India.

The splendid shrine is sure to invoke religious fervor and sacredness and bring infinite calmness to anyone who visit it.

Wagah Border

This border line that runs along the Grand trunk road between Amritsar and Lahore is where you can witness the Beating Retreat Ceremony.

Held daily just before sunset, the ceremony showcases the Indian Border Security Force and the Pakistan Rangers closing the international gates and lowering both countries’ flags.

Jallianwala Bagh

Not far from the Golden Temple is this public garden that was built in commemoration of the massacre of thousands of innocent people by the British Forces on the orders of General Dyer. It features several structures, a memorial tablet, and other reminders of the brutal incident.

Hall Bazaar

The hall bazaar may be known for selling ornaments, handicrafts, and other items, but it is known first and foremost for its Mughal style gate. A trip to this place is a must for holiday packages.

Things to Do in Amritsar

  • Go sightseeing and shopping at the Hall Bazaar and other local markets.
  • Experience the culture and spirituality of the Golden Temple.
  • Watch the Beating Retreat Ceremony at the Wagah Border.
  • Sign up for a food tour and let your taste buds go on a journey through different Amritsari dishes.
  • Visit villages to see for yourself what the traditional way of life and culture is in this city.
  • Commune with nature at the Harike wetland and bird sanctuary. The best time to do so is from October to March.
  • Sign up for a nature farm tour and experience the art of farming and living that is independent from chemicals and modern tools.
  • Go on a walking tour in bazaars and other areas in the old city.

Top Attractions in Amritsar

Golden Temple

This is the main attraction in Amritsar, featuring more shrines and monuments than you can count. The giant pool that surrounds is for pilgrims who wish to bathe. It has a Victorian clock tower at the main entrance. It also has the Central Sikh Museum.

There are plenty more attractions to see in Amritsar, but the Golden Temple is at the top of the list of all tour packages.

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