Aurangabad Holiday Packages

Aurangabad Holiday Packages

Aurangabad may now be a blend of industrial growth and heritage, but when speaking about the latter, it's one of the places in India you shouldn't miss – most especially if you love history and culture. In Aurangabad you get to see stunning structures built during the reign of Aurangzeb, the last Mughal Emperor. And if you don't know where to begin your heritage journey, allow La Vacanza's Aurangabad holiday packages or tours to help you out.


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Aurangabad – Holiday Tour Packages

Aurangabad is one of the most important cities in the state of Maharashtra. Since it is home to World Heritage Sites, historic gates, and breathtaking structures, it's no wonder many tourists flock to this area to see the glory of the past.
There's a lot of history and culture to take in, and the experience can be overwhelming. Booking holiday packages to Aurangabad can ease that burden with pre-planned trips for you and the entire family.

Things You Should Do in Aurangabad

What are the best ways to explore a place? Holiday packages whisk you off to popular destinations, leaving you stress free during your travel days. But what happens during the times you're not with a guide? How do you spend those moments in a place you've never been in before?
The best way to answer that is to get to know the area really well. You may have read up on Aurangabad's history and culture even before you booked tickets, but going out and experiencing the sights and sounds are the best way to appreciate the city.

Here are some fun things to do:

Traveling is getting out of your comfort zone. So why not try something new while you're in a different place? It may be tempting to munch on pizzas during the entire trip but why not go for something local?
Indian cuisine is so varied that a visit to a different state warrants tasting what they have to offer. Try some pulao and biryani when you're in town and beware: it can be spicy.
The best way to do this is to pick a theme and go for it. For example, Aurangabad is called “City of Gates” for its 52 gateways, of which 13 still stand. You can explore the four main ones: Makai Gate (west), Delhi Gate (north), Khas or Jalna Gate (east), and Paithan Gate (south).
Other interesting gates include Bhadkal Gate (known as Victory Gate) and Kaala Darwaza Gate.

Sites You Shouldn't Miss in Aurangabad

It is highly recommended that you spare a couple of days to tour the wonders of Aurangabad. However, modern times has made that quite difficult. Luckily, holiday packages provide a solution to the question of “what sites should we see?”
World Heritage Sites.
The Ellora Caves are 34 great examples of Indian rock cut architecture, each of which were built between the 5th and 10th century during the reign of the Rashtrakuta Dynasty.
The Ajanta Caves, on the other hand, are a collection of 30 rock cut caves built around a gorge; they were constructed between the 2nd and 5th centuries during the Satavahana, Vakataka, and Chalukya dynasties.
Tomb of Aurangzeb.
His tomb is in stark contrast to those of other Mughal emperors. He lies in an unmarked grave at the shrine of Sheikh Zainuddin, his spiritual guru.
Bibi ka Maqbara.
A replica of the Taj Mahal is worth seeing. It's dedicated to Begum Rabia Durani, the mother of Aurangzeb.

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