Austria Holiday Packages

Austria Holiday Packages

Home of the sewing machine’s inventor and the Sound of Music, Austria is one destination that should be part of everyone’s bucket list. Where else can you find hills that are alive? As the famous song goes, of course. In this landlocked Alpine country the hills and mountains are its treasures, and skiing, snowboarding and hiking are favorite activities and pastimes. Because it is inseparably linked to the globally successful movie the Sound of Music, holiday packages and tours are sure to offer the Sound of Music Tours & Experiences right in Salzburg. Well, that’s your cue. Choose from our Austria holiday packages and tours today.


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Austria - Holiday packages and tours

More than just a center of power for the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austria is also a spectacular vacation destination that offers a contrast of natural landscapes and urban settings.

As a landlocked country, you won't see beaches for miles but you will be close enough to touch Alpine mountains that provide magnificent scenery whether it is summer or winter.

Regardless of when you travel, you have the option to enjoy a wide range of sightseeing & activities that change with the season – alpine skiing during winter and taking a tour around historic sites during summer. Suffice to say that holiday packages to Austria is fun and exciting the whole year round.  

Top places to visit in Austria

Largely mountainous, some of the most interesting places to visit in Austria seamlessly combine natural landscapes and urban settings.

  • Vienna has historical buildings in and around the city, and one right on top of a cliff. Exploring it will take you to the countryside and then narrow, cobbled historical lanes.
  • Salzburg is a city where music can be heard over the sound of silence, what with it being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the setting of the famous musical The Sound of Music.
  • Innsbruck is a city that transforms from a vast greenery to white, snow-covered landscapes as the season changes.

All these, and more, have sightseeing & activities that make Austria an exciting vacation destination.

Top things to do in Austria

In Austria, there are more things to do than time to do them all. This especially true if your holiday schedule is limited. So why not get started right away? Winter sports are very popular in Austria considering its mountainous landscape.

Skiing and snowboarding, in particular, are two of the most popular activities that tourists and locals alike enjoy. Ride a bike and explore different areas around the country, following its scenic cycle routes that pass by rivers and mountains.

The variety of trails cater to casual and professional cyclists. For more laid-back forms of entertainment, experience the musical heritage of Salzburg and Vienna, or enjoy the cinematic culture that Austria can deliver with aplomb.

Top attractions in Austria

Whether you travel to Austria during summer or winter, the mountains surrounding it always serve as one of the key attractions in the country. After all, they will look majestic and inspiring whether they are all green or all white.

  • National Park Thayatal - This national park is unlike any other, as it not only has natural landscapes and flora and fauna but also a number of ruined fortress and castles. It can be likened to a settlement where only Mother Nature prevailed.
  • Schönbrunn Palace - Vienna is known for its majestic and historical buildings, palaces and museums, but Schönbrunn Palace stands out with its 1441 rooms, all of which are fit for royalty.
  • Mariazell Basilica - This place of worship in Innsbruck is one of the most visited in Austria, especially because it is an important destination for pilgrims all over the world.

Austria holiday packages and tours

There are plenty more things to do, see, feel and taste in Austria that holiday packages and tours to the country will be packed with some marvelous treats. Check out all Austria holiday packages on offer with La Vacanza Travel.

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