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Bhopal Holiday Packages

Bhopal Holiday Packages

The capital of Madhya Pradesh may not be as well-known as other destinations in India, but anyone who explores it will never leave disappointed. Bhopal offers two contrasting cityscapes separated by a pair of lakes. To the north is an old city filled with mosques and bazaars and to the south is a modern metropolis with hotels and wide roads. This is what makes Bhopal a must-see destination for travellers who book tours or holiday packages to India. 

At La Vacanza, we will take care of your holiday to Bhopal with our diverse selection of tours and holiday packages. (Picture Credit : Jean-Pierre Dalbéra | flickr)


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Destination Guide

Top Attractions in Bhopal

You will never run out of places to explore in Bhopal, but you should never miss these top attractions during your trip:


Covering an area of 430,000 square feet, Taj-ul-Masjid is the largest mosque in India that can accommodate up to 175,000 people. Bhopal’s third female ruler, Shah Jahan Begum, who wanted to build the largest mosque in the world, built the mosque in 1877.

The ruler died in 1901 but the mosque was not completed until the 1980s. Today, Taj-ul-Masjid attracts visitors from around the world with its distinct pink walls surrounding a 99-square meter courtyard. It also has three domes and two minarets and sits by a lake called Motia Talab.

Remember Bhopal Museum

North of the old city in Bhopal is the Union Carbide chemical plant, which was the site of the worst industrial disaster in the world. Remember Bhopal Museum commemorates this tragic part of the city’s history with exhibits of belongings and photographs of the victims of the gas disaster.

It also has videos and more than 50 audio recordings from doctors, survivors and forensic experts from the tragedy.

Tribal Museum

Dedicated to the tribal people who make up more than 10 million of the population of Madhya Pradesh, the Tribal Museum was built to mimic an enchanted forest with exhibits from 1,500 tribespeople using only materials from their villages.

The museum has five large galleries featuring ritual sites, artisan pieces and replica tribal houses.

Top Dining Places in Bhopal

If exploring Bhopal’s museums and mosques has left you hungry, here are some dining destinations you can go to:

Eat at Under the Mango Tree Restaurant

Located inside the Jehan Numa Palace, Under the Mango Tree Restaurant is one of the best places in Bhopal to sample delicious North Indian cuisine.

It has chic interiors and an outdoor seating area that adds charm to the place. Some of best dishes in Under the Mango Tree include the Chicken Korma, Dal Tadka and Baiganachari.

The restaurant also specializes in tandoor dishes and barbecue kebabs, and has vegetarian options for its customers. Don’t forget to try the sample platter of different kebabs that will surely be the best meal you’ll have in Bhopal.

Zam Zam

Are you craving for some authentic Indian fare? Head to Zam Zam, a fast food in Bhopal offering the city’s best biryani and chicken tikka grilled over hot coals and dipped in green chili yoghurt sauce.

This place is usually packed day and night so make sure to go early.

Bhopal holiday packages

Go ahead and book your holiday packages to Bhopal today. You’ll surely never regret visiting this historic city and sampling its delicious food. Our team at La Vacanza can help you choose the right holiday packages for your needs.

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