Bhubaneswar Holiday Packages

Bhubaneswar Holiday Packages

Who wouldn't want to explore a city with a rich history? Simply walking around and seeing old structures can take you back in time. Surrounded by a number of heritage structures, Bhubaneswar is such a city. And if you like seeing remnants of the past, start by browsing through Bhubaneswar holiday packages and tours that suits your preference.


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Destination Guide

Things to Do in Bhubaneswar

What do you do if a place is unfamiliar to you but you want to come for a visit? For some, there is a decent amount of research performed to know the top attractions. After that, a scouring for holiday packages ensues.

After all, such packages take you to a place's major attractions so you can have a relaxing vacation and not one where you have to hunt for your next destination.

Explore “Temple Town.”

Bhubaneswar, like many cities in India, is a mix of the old and the new. A visit to both is recommended but you shouldn't leave without having seen the collection of Hindu temples in the old part of the city, one that is referred to as “Temple Town.”

This is where you'll see different Kalinga architecture embodied in structures such as the Ananta Vasudeva Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Muktesvara Temple, and Rajarani Temple.

Go to a museum.

You always end up with more appreciation for a place if you know its history. Sure, the internet may be of some help but actually seeing actual artifacts and objects that pertain to a place's past collected in one location is quite the experience.

While in Bhubaneswar, take time to see either the Odisha State Museum or the Museum of Tribal Art & Artifacts to get a good idea of the state Bhubaneswar belongs to.

Visit the city's parks.

What better way to start or end the day than by seeing a bit of nature in the city. The great thing about Bhubaneswar is that there are different kinds of parks to suit your particular interest.

BDA Nicco Park is for those who seek amusement and are bringing the family along; Jaydev Vatika Park is for nature lovers; and the Indira Gandhi Park is for those who want to remember history or go for a morning walk or jog.

Sights to See in Bhubaneswar

One of the best things about booking holiday packages is that they take you to the popular attractions of the city. Plus, you learn a lot while on tour as well.

Lingaraj Temple.

A Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva, this temple is one of the oldest in the city and is done in the Kalinga-style architecture. It's a major landmark in Bhubaneswar as well.

Museum of Tribal Arts & Artifacts.

Are you interested in learning about Odisha's (the state Bhubaneswar belongs to) 62 tribes? If so, a visit to this museum is a must.

Ekamra Kanan.

This park and botanical garden is also known as the State Botanical Garden and Regional Plant Resource Center. It features a collection of regional fauna as well as exotic ones.

Bhubaneswar – Holiday Tour Packages

Bhubaneswar is more than just a historical city. Its connection to the past will surely be explored and highlighted but Bhubaneswar is also living in modern times. The dining scene is pretty varied and will be the delight of foodies.

Several museums dot the city as well and will be of interest to those who like exploring the past in an indoor setting. All these and more can be enjoyed by booking holiday packages from La Vacanza.

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