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Bihar Holiday Packages

Bihar Holiday Packages

Resting in the borders of Nepal sits a beautiful state in East India. Bihar is home to wonderful natural resources and a hub for diverse culture and religion. If you're planning to take advantage of great Bihar holiday packages, then be ready to be captivated with what this state has to offer.

Planning an extensive itinerary can be a stretch for some travelers. Thankfully, La Vacanza offers many choices of exciting holiday packages that are fit for every type of tourist. Before deciding on which tour to go for, discover first the authentic Indian beauty and charm that is Bihar.


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Bihar's Charm and History

Home to many places of religion and worship, Bihar strongly emanates the very thought of non-violence. For thousands of years, the Buddha and Mahavira propagated this idea which still resonates to this day. Therefore, visiting this enchanting East Indian region will bring a sense of peace and safety among tourists.

Religious festivals also draw many tourists in Bihar. The festivals in the religious village in Bodh Gaya, as well as the ancient city Rajgir, are just some of those special attractions that gathers many attendees throughout India and all over the world.

Indeed, Bihar brings a wonderful and meaningful experience for every traveler. With great Bihar holiday packages that they can enjoy, the experience will surely be like no other.

There are more than a lot of attractions that await tourists in the state of Bihar. Here are some of the top places to discover during your visit here.

Top Places to Visit

Mahabodhi Temple

Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2002, the Mahabodhi Temple is where any Buddhist devotee aims to visit. It houses Bodhi tree--the holiest site that stands right in the middle of the temple's complex. It also has a breathtaking Meditation Park for devotees to have a moment to meditate in this holy place.

Great Buddha Statue

Also popularly called as the 80' Buddha Statue, this 25-meter statue is the first great Buddha statue that was finished within the modern history of India. Standing next to the Mahabodhi Temple, this great statue was consecrated back on November 18, 1989, and was blessed by His Holiness the XIV the Dalai Lama. Because of its rich history, display of architecture, and religious representation, it's truly a sight to see.

Maner Sharif

Known as one of the greatest spiritual centers in India, the Maner Sharif is a well-known medieval site located in the Patna district of Bihar. This majestic structure is home to two popular Muslim Tombs. One is where the Bari Dargah rests while the other is for the Makhdum Daulat. The intricate designs and architectural peculiarities displayed within the walls of this marvelous building shows evidence of an Indo-Saracenic architectural style.

Bihar Holiday Packages

With Bihar's charm and allure for many tourists, there's still a lot of places here that's worth visiting. With La Vacanza's great Bihar holiday packages to choose from, you'll surely have countless memories to make in the wonderful and charming state of Bihar. 

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