05 Amazing Sites to Include in Your Jordan Itinerary

05 Amazing Sites to Include in Your Jordan Itinerary

Whether you dream of walking in the middle of ancient ruins, floating freely on a salty lake or just enjoying good lamb, you can never go wrong with choosing Jordan as your next travel destination.

Strategically located in the crossroads of three continents, Jordan has something to offer for every traveler. But what it’s most known for is these five amazing sites that should be included in your Jordan itinerary :  



05 Amazing Sites to Include in Your Jordan Itinerary





This beautiful structure needs no introduction, as it is the most popular place for tourists in Jordan. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the lost city of Petra has been inhabited since 7000 BC and has been one of the most bustling cities in ancient Jordan.

Visiting Petra takes you back in time to a city carved right out of a mountain. The city’s entrance, Bab as-Siq, offers a glimpse of its inhabitants.

The Al-Deir is a rose-colored structured carved right into the side of a mountain gives you a look at how grand this city was.

And of course, Al Khazneh or the Treasury was once the site for a famous Hollywood movie, is the city’s most popular site and is the tomb for a Nabataean king. 

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No trip to Jordan will ever be complete without a visit to the Dead Sea, the salt lake with the lowest elevation in the world.

This natural wonder has a 33% salt content, which makes swimmers float easily on its waters. It is also rich in minerals believed to prevent aging, revitalize the skin and strengthen the bones and nails.

Taking a dip in the Dead Sea is already a relaxing experience, but you can also enjoy the many spas and resorts that surround it. 





If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Arabian culture, you should head to the country’s capital city, Amman.

Head to the city’s highest hill and wander through the Citadel Ruins for a taste of its rich history. Satisfy your shopping cravings with the city’s souks that offer everything from antique to beautiful jewelry.

Now if exploring the capital leaves you hungry, head to one of its cafes and enjoy a baklawa or kanafeh. 





Petra - Top Amazing Sites to Include in Your Jordan ItineraryIf you’re in for a different kind of adventure, go on a drive in King’s Highway, which has been used by traders for many years to go to Jordan’s city center.

On the road, you will see mountains, rocky canyon, lakes and dams. 





Perfectly sitting on the beautiful Red Sea, Aqaba offers a refreshing site for travellers ready to take a break from the dessert.

It is the only coastal city in the entire country and offers both the old and new with its ancient archaeological sites and beautiful luxury hotels that make for the perfect vacation.



Of course, you can never leave Jordan without experiencing its great culture through food.

Visit Hashem for the most delicious falafel, indulge your sweet tooth with the Jabri Restaurant’s baklawa and don’t forget to try mansaf at Sufra. You can even learn to prepare your own meal at Beit Sitti. 


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