12 crazy things you can do in Dubai

12 crazy things you can do in Dubai

Dubai is not an ordinary city but more than that. If there had been a star rating system of cities, Dubai would probably get seven of these stars as there is so much to see and do here.

It not only has the world’s largest building, Burj Khalifa, but also some of the most beautiful places whose existence is contrary to the climatic and atmospheric conditions in Dubai.

Somebody rightly said that a single trip to Dubai is not enough to enjoy the city thoroughly. You can visit it several times and do different things every time.

Here are some of the craziest things that you can do in Dubai :


Desert Safari Dubai


12 crazy things you can do in Dubai



Skydiving in Dubai


For all those enthusiasts that love the skies and do not fear falling from 13,000 feet, Dubai is the place to be.

Skydiving for all age groups and for beginners as well as the pros has been made possible by SkyDive.The Desert Campus DZ and the Palm DZ are the two zones that have been earmarked as dropping zones.

If you are looking for some crazy and adventurous activity to pursue, skydiving is definitely for you.

Taking a fall from 13,000 feet is surely going to be an awesome experience especially when it is overlooking the Palm Jumeirah.


Dubai Palm. Outdoor skydiving.


24 Carat gold facial


Another of the crazy things that you will not dare to do in your home town is taking a gold facial; that is actual 24-carat gold.

Considered as an expensive material, the gold facial is offered in Dubai for as low as AED 89. You can experience this one-time crazy thing in Dubai and come out looking more vibrant and radiant. 


Drive Formula-1 car


There are millions of fans of Formula 1 racing. While these fans can only enjoy the sport from the stands or watch it on TV, there is one place that offers them the chance to actually drive the supercars.

Yes!! You guessed it right. It’s Dubai where you can actually experience Formula 1 driving.

Dream Racing has made it possible for the fans of the formula 1 racing to drive the real supercars and experience what it means to be a formula 1 car driver.


Picture : Flickr | Pranavian 


Diving with the Sharks


Can there be anything crazier than this? Diving with the sharks that have nearly 300 sharp teeth and can tear anything to pieces within minutes is a crazy thought already.

But Dubai has made this possible. You can actually dive with the Sand Tiger Sharks at the Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

The best thing about the aquarium is that it allows anybody over the age of ten the thrill of diving in it. Even non-swimmers and non-certified divers can dare to have a close look at the sharks in their habitat.

Such people only need to take a short training course with instructors. The entire exercise is strictly under the supervision of instructors and divemasters.




Swimming with the Dolphins


If you are afraid of the Sand Tiger Sharks and will not dare to be close to them, Dubai gives you the option of swimming with the always friendly dolphins. Yes!! Dubai, the desert city has dolphins as well.

Dolphin Bay is a sophisticated habitat developed for the dolphins. It provides them the temperature-controlled water that they are used to. Here you can interact with the dolphins as per your convenience and ability.

You can stand in shallow water along with the dolphins, swim with them and even scuba dive with them. Instructors are there for guidance and training.




Bungee Jumping


Another of the crazy things to do in Dubai includes bungee jumping. The first of its kind in the entire UAE, bungee jumping in Dubai has been brought and managed by Gravity Zone.

The option of bungee jumping is available on Fridays and Saturdays. You are made to jump from a height of 50 meters and those of you that think that this is not high must note that it is actually like jumping from the balcony of an apartment on the 16th floor! Making bookings in advance is always good here as the slots are often fully booked.




Desert Safari


Your visit to the desert city is incomplete if you do not visit the actual desert. Dubai offers one crazy activity after another and Desert Safari is definitely not one to be missed.

You not only drive through the desert but actually take up activities like sand ski, dune bashing, belly dancing, camel ride, 4x4 ride, BBQ dinner, photoshoot, henna painting and much more. 


Picture Flickr | Out in The Desert Reinis Traidas


Picture Flickr | Land Rover Ride & Drive, Land Rover MENA 


Rent a Ferrari


If you want to pass off as a rich guy having a Ferrari, Dubai is the place to be. Don’t fret if you cannot actually buy a Ferrari because Dubai offers you the opportunity to own it for some time, obviously on rent.

You can experience the elegance and luxury of the car by renting it in Dubai.




Visit Jebel Hafeet


If you have ever had the dream of climbing a mountain and viewing the city from the top, taking a trip to the Jebel Hafeet is a must-do.The well-lit winding roads leading to the mountain and the picturesque backdrop are the ideal place for adventure seekers.

You can have a look at the beautiful city from the top. 


Stay in an underwater suite


Atlantis Underwater Suite offers you the opportunity to spend a night at their luxurious suite that offers an awesome view of more than 65,000 marine creatures all around you.

The suite is such built that right from the floor window to the roof; you have different creatures around you.




Enjoy camel polo


You might have heard of the sport polo that is played on the horseback but Dubai offers camel polo. A unique and exhilarating experience, camel polo can be at times hilarious as well.

It surely is one of the crazy things that you can do in Dubai.


UAE society celebrates the return of British Polo Day | Dubai. Picture Flickr | Land Rover MENA 


Taste gold ice cream


As if the gold facial was not enough, Dubai also offers you to actually taste gold by way of ice cream. Served at the Scoopi Café, the ice cream costs around AED 3,000 and has extravagant ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Served in a Versace bowl and a spoon that you can keep, the ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen and has ingredients like vanilla bean ice cream coming all the way from Madagascar, rare black truffles sourced from Italy, saffron brought in from Iran and edible 23 carat gold.



Seems very interesting, isn’t it?.

But this is nothing when you come to know the full list of activities that you can do in Dubai as a tourist. Holiday Factors Places to visit in Dubai is such a list with so many details. 


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