Enjoy Your Next Vacation by Going to the Top Places to Visit in Israel

Enjoy Your Next Vacation by Going to the Top Places to Visit in Israel

As a diverse and beautiful country, there's so much to do and see in Israel. For the world traveler or wanderlust in you, the variety of activities and highlights will surely have something for every type of personality.

If you're thinking about where to go on your next vacation, you can go to the top place to visit in Israel.

Dubbed as the Holy Land, Israel is never short on adventures. Everywhere in this Middle Eastern country come with a rich history and background and almost all of the places have religious locations mentioned in the bible.

If you're more into learning about the country through its culture and history, you can choose to visit archaeological ruins, churches, and historical spots.

If you're more into the outdoors, the country also has some great beaches and outdoor activities to enjoy.

With that in mind, there's always something for you in Israel. However, if you're looking for some great ideas, here are some of the top places to visit in Israel that you can check out on your next vacation.

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DOLPHIN REEF EILAT, ISRAEL- It is on the shores of the Red Sea in the southernmost corner of Israel offers natural views, secluded beach and opportunity to meet dolphins in their natural habitat. Images from Travellers  


Top Places to Visit in Israel



1. Haifa



Haifa is known as the country's third-largest city. It's a Jewish state that draws countless visitors because of its biggest tourist attraction: the Baha'i World Center. With its beautiful gardens and the shrine of Bab, it's surely a place that's worth visiting.

However, that's not the only reason why Haifa is part of the top places to visit in Israel. Arts and Sciences are also celebrated in this city. They have the Israel Museum of Science, Technology, and Space and also Ein Hod; a home to many artists and craftsmen. 


2. Tel Aviv



The second-largest city in the country is also one of the top places to visit in Israel. The financial hub of the country is also the hub for great nightlife experiences. If you're looking for great places to unwind after the day, Tel Aviv is the way.

Other than that, the city is also home to the philharmonic orchestra and the national opera. Most of all, it is home to some of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches in the country and is famous for being an LGBT friendly city. 


3. Jerusalem


The Western Wall- Is a most religious site for Jewish people. Thousands come to pray everyday. Images from Travellers 


Jerusalem is where the heart of Israel lies. If you're thinking about digging deeper into the rich history of Israel, there's not a place more worthy of visiting than here.

It's one of the oldest cities in the world, therefore, you won't run out of things to learn and discover here. 

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People call the place as the holy city as it is also home to major locations of faith for Christians, Jewish, and Muslims alike. Tourists can also walk through Jesus' holy life through pilgrim tours, visit the Holy Sepulcher, or see the Tower of David.


The Western Wall- You may collect a cap to pray. The Wall is the most religious site in the world for the Jewish people. Located in the Old City of Jerusalem, A UNESCO heritage site.Images from Travellers  


Indeed, Israel is a perfect destination for all things historic and beautiful. Keep in mind that Israel still has more important regions that are worth visiting such as Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, and a whole lot more.

Therefore, if you're planning to cross off Israel off your travel bucket list, make sure to make the most out of it. 


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