Five Destinations Where Tourists Splash the Most Money

Five Destinations Where Tourists Splash the Most Money

The world is huge, there’s so much to explore, so many things to see and await the senses.

While each destination is unique to every traveler, there are certain cities in the world where most tourists splurge on.

These five global destinations have the highest spending levels for tourists.

Find out what they are willing to splash money on in these parts of the world.


Five Destinations Where Tourists Splash the Most Money


Dubai - The City of Gold


Dubai Gold Shopping


There’s a city that glitters like gold in the Middle East and its Dubai. It holds the distinction of being the most expensive city in its region with structures that wow the world over.

Indeed, the city’s opulence is best exemplified by Burj Al Arab, a five-star luxury hotel that once gave out 24K gold-plated iPads to its first in-house guests! Aside from being the third tallest hotel in the world, it epitomizes what Dubai is all about, a city where the East meets the West.

Speaking of tall structures, tourists pay to visit the observation deck at Burj Khalifa that stands 828 meters and houses 160 stories. The world’s tallest building also has a fitness club with a Miami meets Manhattan vibe.

But what’s really getting the tourists to spend most in Dubai is shopping. Millions flock to the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping complex by area in UAE and the world, actually.

Located in Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Mall is home to 1,200 retail brands attracting 80 million tourists in 2014 alone.



New York - The City That Never Gets Old



New York, New York. This Frank Sinatra song never gets old and so does the city who continues to regale tourists all over the world.

As one article noted, a foreign tourist splurges four times more than a local traveler in New York City with the bulk of the money going to sightseeing and shopping.

For sights and sounds, you have Broadway, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, and Times Square. Clothes, books and many more you can find at Macy’s, Barney’s, Strand, and Dover’s Street Market.

Hole-in-the-wall and upscale restaurants of any cuisine fill your tummy after some quiet time at the New York Public Library and Museum of Modern Arts



London - The Royal City



Home to Buckingham Palace, it’s no surprise why tourists flock to London every year. At least 19 million visited the city in 2016 alone and it’s not just to visit the Queen.

They paid to watch exhibits at the Royal Academy, the British Museum and other art museums strewn over the city.

Who’d forget Big Ben, the Tower of London, and London Eye, which in itself has numerous attractions under its belt ranging from a panoramic view of the city to a cruise in River Thames.

London is also a major hub for fashion with shopping districts like Covent Garden, Carnaby and scores more.

Tea time in London is a given and for any meals in between, you can out to historic cafes that treat you like a Queen or a King. Neighborhood restaurants and markets lead you to interesting yet distinctive British fare.



Singapore - The Modern Asian City


singapore tours packages


Singapore’s Tourism Board confirmed tourism spending hit a record high of $26.8 billion on a year-over-year basis. What are some of things travelers are splurging on while in Singapore?

Shopping. In Singapore, you’ll see luxury, local and regional stores competing. Orchard Street, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and Chinatown are just some shopping districts in Singapore.Sightseeing.

The Asian city is easily the launch pad of anything latest in the PC and gaming systems and consumer electronics.

Amusement parks like Universal Studios, Wild Wild Wet, and Big Splash can’t be missed while in Singapore.Dining. From fine dining to casual fare at hawker centers, you’ll never run out of anything to eat and drink in Singapore.

While Singapore is highly modernized, it is home to temples and churches that represent the cultures underlying its identity.


Bangkok - The Paradise City of Asia




Alex Garland’s The Beach painted Thailand as a mysterious paradise for people looking for adventure. The country’s capital city doesn’t disappoint, either.

Bangkok is a friendly city to local and overseas tourists who visit its shrines, malls, and nightlife.

Visitors pay to enter the Grand Palace which formerly houses the Thai royalty and now serves as a museum. Backpackers gravitate to Khao San Road that is a hub of cultures.

Shopaholics don’t miss malls such as Central World and night markets like Chatuchak’s weekend market that can easily overwhelm the average shopper with its thousands of stalls.

The city of Bangkok provides easy access to Chiang Mai and Phuket, which in itself is the gateway to all those beaches Thailand is known for.



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