Here’s Dates, How to Buy Tickets, and Other Important Details about the 2019 Cricket World Cup

Here’s Dates, How to Buy Tickets, and Other Important Details about the 2019 Cricket World Cup

The 2019 Cricket World Cup hasn’t even begun yet demand for tickets is really high. The ICC reported that demand exceeded expectations when fans were given the opportunity to score tickets through the balloting system.


More than one million tickets were applied for, with the fixture between India and Pakistan at Old Trafford receiving lots of applications. Of course, the final at Lord’s also received a lot of applications.

But fear not, the Public Balloting started on August 1 and closes on the 29th so you still have time to apply. Other than that, here are other things you need to know:


Here’s Dates, How to Buy Tickets, and Other Important Details about the 2019 Cricket World Cup



Cricket World Cup Dates


The 12th edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup is will take place in England and Wales from May 30 to July 14 – that’s close to two months of cricket!

The matches will be played in stadiums across the two nations, and maybe you can sneak in a side trip to one of the many cultural highlights that dot the island. As they say, it’s all in the planning. 

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How to Buy Cricket World Cup Tickets


Although over a million tickets have already been applied for, you still have a chance to secure your own through the Public Ballot system, which started running on August 1. The deadline for submissions is on the 29th, so make sure to get those requests in!

You can apply for tickets by going to The good news is that the Public Ballot is not first-come-first-served but you still have to get an application in if you’re interested in watching the tournament.

You will need to create an account to get a ticket application. Otherwise, make sure you login using your account details. 

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Cricket World Cup Qualified Teams

Only 10 teams will be playing in 2019’s World Cup tournament, down from the 14 in 2015. While you might feel sad about the reduced number of teams, cheer yourself up by thinking that this is a great opportunity to watch some cricket and enjoy some sights at the same time.

That said, the teams that qualified for this tournament are:

  • England (as the host nation)
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Afghanistan
  • West Indies


England will play South Africa at The Oval in London during the opening of the tournament on May 30. The June 16 match between India and Pakistan at Old Trafford is one to look forward too, and incidentally, it was the match that received quite a lot of applications. 


The Cricket World Cup final will be held on July 14 at Lord’s in London.


If you’re planning to attend this event that happens once every four years then you better start planning now. Go the ICC website to apply for a ticket then start searching for flights and possible accommodation options.

There are still a lot of months to go before May but early planning ensures that everything turns out smoothly. 

Picture : Flicrk  hobbs luton 


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