Planning a Budget Trip for World Cup 2018, Russia

Planning a Budget Trip for World Cup 2018, Russia

To be fair, a trip to the World Cup 2018, Russia isn't a cheap affair. You will shell out some of your hard-earned money to pay for match tickets, round trip plane tickets, accommodation, food and drink, and maybe some souvenirs, sightseeing and activities in Russia.

So no matter how you put it, choosing to attend a World Cup 2018, Russia match means having to spend money. But it's what you throw your money at that matters.



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Planning a Budget Trip for World Cup 2018, Russia




What matches do you want to see? You are allowed to apply for tickets based on individual matches or a particular venue. Also keep in mind that games will be played in 12 stadiums across 11 cities so no matter what match you choose, there will be some travel involved.

You have to decide on the number of matches you want to see. It is from there that you can plan on logistics.

Maybe you just want to focus on Moscow and St Petersburg? After all, there are more than 10 matches to be played between those two cities, including the opening match and the Final.

Matches hosted outside Moscow and St Petersburg will require air or train travel, and the journey by the latter could be rather lengthy. The train from Moscow to Kazan takes about 12 hours while St Petersburg to Sochi takes 37 hours. 


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You will spend considerably less for a flight to Moscow if you live somewhere in Europe. The opposite is true if you live on a different continent, but you can get cheap tickets if you don't book a direct flight or you book well in advance. 


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As a foreigner, you have to register with authorities when you arrive in a new city. If you don't want the hassle of processing your own documents, booking at a hotel affords you the most convenient option but you might also have to pay more.

Then again, if you want to save, you have to be diligent in filing the necessary paperwork.If you're hopping between cities, it's best to allot free days for travel and registration. This way, you won't be so stressed about running afoul of the authorities.  


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Food & Drink


You have to set a budget for how much you intend to spend on food and drink on a daily basis. And to really save money, it's best to stay away from high-end restaurants.

Simple yet filling meals are fine. But there's nothing wrong if you want to sneak in a fancy dinner or two either – just make sure there's still enough money to make the trip back home. 


Saint Basil's Cathedral is a church in the Red Square, Moscow 




You can prebook your transfers sightseeing and activities in Russia, Uber is available and you can ride a taxi, you can expect rates to be higher (especially with it being the World Cup 2018, Russia).

You can save during match days because you are offered free rides when you have a FAN ID, but you have to allocate a transportation budget if you want to go sightseeing. 


Brazil fans watch World Cup quarterfinal. Flickr | Ben Tavener 




Depending on how long you're staying and how many matches you're watching, chances are you've got some free time in your schedule. Why not use those days to see the beauty of Russia? If you don't want to spend a lot, there are lots of places you can explore for free.



For example, the many impressive buildings are free to stare at and take photos in front of. Public parks are also free to explore as is listening to classical music at select venues (just make sure to check the schedule).

The metro stations in Moscow are ornate beauties worthy of exploration as well. Some museums also offer free entrance so you can check those out.

The World Cup 2018, Russia, no matter where it's held, demands that you spend money. But knowing from the beginning which matches you want to go to can help you set a budget that won't break the bank.Start from there and everything else will fall into place. 


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