Gear Up for the Qatar 2022 Football World Cup Starting with Dates and Other Information

Gear Up for the Qatar 2022 Football World Cup Starting with Dates and Other Information

Can't get enough of the world cup fever? The 2018 tournament may have been over but you definitely have something to look forward to in 2022 when the next world cup will be held in Qatar, the first Arab state to host the world cup.

Qatar won the bid in 2010 after the President of FIFA Sepp Blatter endorsed the Arab World as a possible host because it never had a World Cup."The Arabic world deserves a World Cup. They have 22 countries and have not had an opportunity to organize the tournament," he said.

The excitement and controversy surrounding the next 2022 FIFA world cup will make the 4-year wait worthwhile.


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Qatar 2022 Football World Cup - Dates & Other Information



Where is Qatar?



It is located in the Persian Gulf with a land border with Saudi Arabia on one side, Iran on the other side of the Persian Gulf, and Iraq at the top of the gulf.

It has a population of 2.6 million, more than 80% of which are expats.

The Qatar Stars League is the highest football league in Qatar. In 1993, the national team ranked 51, their highest ranking ever in FIFA. 


What makes Qatar different from past host countries and those who bid to be the next host?



As previously mentioned, Qatar will be the first Arab nation to hosts the FIFA World Cup. As it is located in the desert, it means the world cup will be held in the desert. Not literally, of course, but it will definitely provide spectators is a significant change of scenery.

Part of the tournament will be held in Khalifa International Stadium, one of the proposed stadiums.

This is significant in itself because it was the first completed venue of the 2022 World Cup out of the 5 other proposed stadiums. 



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When is the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup going to be held?



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It is slated to start on November 21, 2022.

This is a major change from the usual dates since the summer months in Qatar can be hot and intolerable for non-locals. During these times, the searing heat in the Middle East would make itself felt right through the bones.

With average temperatures during the summer months that can go up to 45 degrees Celsius, it will be the first time that the tournament will not take place May, June or July. November falls into the cooler winter months.

The timeframe of the tournament is also reduced to 28 days because the game is likely to fall in the middle of the normal domestic schedule for many of the European clubs.

The finals will be held in time for the Qatar National Day, December 18, 2022. 


How will the change of schedule affect the Premier League?


Some Images from Travellers in Russia During World Cup'2018


Earlier start date. With Premier League chiefs set on following the domestic football calendar’s traditional dates, the Premier League campaign in 2022 could resume as early as Boxing Day.

Shorter breaks between campaigns. With the season likely to run into the beginning of June, the Premier League has little time for a break between the campaigns that start in August.

The Premier League has yet to make a decision, however. 





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