Rajasthani Men & Their Turbans

Rajasthani Men & Their Turbans

Rajasthan ( Also called as land of the kings ) is the crown of Indian heritage with its royal forts and palaces, endless sand dunes telling stories of gallant warriors, spell binding festivals and fairs.

Rajasthani Men & Their Turbans is an inseparable thing. Turbans are an important part of attire and is known by different names in Hindi like Paag, Safa and Pagri.

Its distinct style and patterns indicates the social status and class of Rajasthani men sometime even the size indicates the position of the person in society.

Interesting part to know is the practical uses of this marvellous head gear. It is used by men as a pillow, towel, rope for drawing water from well or even a blanket.

This adornment of men is usually 9-10 meters long and in some cases can be upto 15 meters long too. There is a saying in Rajasthan that every 15 km you travel the style changes...the prominent ones being Pencha, Sela and Safa. Single colour turbans are worn by farmers and shepherds, these are big in size and tied loose to adjust to the heat of the desert region. Colorful turbans are worn by the elite or indicates festival, wedding or a special occasions.

In most of the festivals in Rajasthan there are turban tying competitions as well to engage foreign guests.

Rajasthani Turban will never cease to amaze you, next time be sure to get clicked wearing a Pagari while you are in Rajasthan.

Turban is an integral part of Rajasthani culture

In Rajasthan a turban is called Pagari

There are 1000 different styles of Turban in Rajasthan, May be more

They say style changes after every 15 kilometers you travel inside Rajasthan

Turbans in Rajasthan vary in style, colour and size

Length of a Rajasthani turban is between 8-10 mtrs, in some case can extend t0 18 mtrs too


Shape and size of Turban depends on the region in Rajasathan

Turban are large and loose in hot desert areas

Turban in Rajasthan indicates social class, region, caste and occassion

Farmars and shepherds have biggest Turbans in Rajsathan

Sometimes a Turban is used as a rope to draw water from well with a bucket


Colorful turban also indicates a festival or wedding in Rajasthan

Turbans are usually single colour

Men use Turban for many practical purposes. A pillow, a towel or even a blanket

several varient of Turban exist. Most popular are Pencha, Sela and Safa


Turban is an integral part of Rajasthani culture


Rajasthani Turban are great tourist attractions

No tourist goes back without a picture in Turban

Colorful Turban is worn by elite

Rajasthan, is a land of colors

Most of the pictures in presentation are clicked by Mr. Sanjar Imam during his visit to Pushkar festival 2013.

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