Spending Holidays in Dubai? Abu Dhabi is a Must See!

Spending Holidays in Dubai? Abu Dhabi is a Must See!

Abu Dhabi is a travel destination where nearly everything about it and in it is grand, huge, and almost to the extreme.

If it has its way, it would probably hold the world record for many things. It is home to the largest cluster of cultural buildings, after all. It also has the fastest roller coaster and the largest hand-loomed carpet in the world.

And still, you wonder why Abu Dhabi is a Must See! and it’s worth visiting even just for a night. 


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But if you need more convincing why Abu Dhabi is a Must See, read on. 


desert near Abu Dhabi and Dubai



Luxurious Hotels and Resorts


Abu Dhabi has more luxe hospitality in one place than anywhere else. Whether you choose to stay by the beach or in the desert, you can sleep with comfort and dine with elegance if you so desire.

Your choice of accommodation range from suites inspired by grand palaces to hotels with private plunge pools. And if you really want to feel like royalty, you can even have your own butler to wait on you hand and foot.


hotel Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi UAEEmirates Palace hotel, Abu Dhabi 


Natural Beauty


Between the cities by the sea and the expansive deserts are cultural attractions and key activities that make Abu Dhabi very attractive, especially to those who are looking for a cultural holiday.

It provides a unique level of sightseeing and activities. It has mosques and theme parks, after all.

 Camel safari in a desert near Abu DhabiCamel Safari in Abu Dhabi 


The Abu Dhabi Airport


The Abu Dhabi International Airport may not fall into the wow-worthy category as other features in the city, as it is a bit small yet very busy. But it still turns head, particularly the blue-lime tiled canopy at the gates.

It is shaped like a mushroom, causing the place to feel small and quite dingy. Many describe it as spectacularly bizarre, making it a must-see during your holiday. 


Abu Dhabi airport is home base of Etihad Airways 


Louvre Abu Dhabi


This is one of the new cultural attractions that would make you want to visit Abu Dhabi and stay for a night. This is especially true if you are an art lover.

This long-awaited museum, which is still under development, would be hugged by the ocean, giving it a sense like it is floating.

It would have plazas, art galleries, canals and alleyways found within a dome measuring 590 feet.


louvre museum abu dhabi


The Sights


The city isn’t lacking attractions, although some of them are still underway, giving you a reason to come back in the near future.

What is already in existence, however, is still worth checking out.

These include the world’s 6th largest mosque Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the spectacular waterfront The Corniche, the Khalifa Park, and the Heritage Village. 


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu-Dhabi, UAEGrand Mosque or Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the world’s 6th largest mosque 


Abu Dhabi, UAE Emirates Heritage Club and Heritage Village.


The Activities


As the largest city of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, you have a huge venue to do a lot of things during your holiday in Abu Dhabi.

You can go swimming at the beach, dune bashing at the sand dunes, watch or join camel races, go on a desert safari, and explore the natural outdoors.


abu dhabi desert father and son


Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi Suffice to say that one night is not enough to explore Abu Dhabi and all its treasures. But if it is all you can spare, make the most of it. 


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