Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy While Travelling

Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy While Travelling

Traveling is the best friend and the worst enemy for a lot of people. Whether it’s an hour’s drive down to the ball game or a weekend getaway with family, traveling can be enjoyable but at the same time, it can also be exhausting for your mind and body.

But guess what? Traveling needn’t necessarily burn you out. By following some simple techniques, you can keep yourself fresh and energetic while you are on the road, air, or water.




Here Are 10 Simple But Effective Ways To Boost Your Energy While Traveling






A lot of people will advise you against taking caffeine before traveling. But trust me, if you are used to your morning cuppa, then you should not skip it because by trying to change your regular drinking habit, you only create an extra craving which in turn leads to frustration while traveling.

Never change your regular drinking or eating habits before or during travel. 




Traveling can be stressful. One of the easiest ways to relieve yourself from traveling stress is to practice deep breathing.


Traveling can be stressful. One of the easiest ways to relieve yourself from traveling stress is to practice deep breathing.

The reason why you are stressed out is that you think about a hundred problems. It could be about problems at your workplace, tiff with your girlfriend, health or financial problems.

Forget everything and focus on your breathing for about 20 minutes. Inhale and exhale deeply in the count of 10.

This technique not only gives you instant relaxation but also supplies your brain with oxygen, which is nothing but extra energy. 





If you are looking for a better alternative to deep breathing, we recommend you try meditation. It plays the soft music in your mind and puts all your worries to sleep.

When it comes to instant relief from stress, and meditation gives you as much as a relaxing experience as the top party beaches in the world give you.

It’s an advanced form of breathing but helps to increase your focus and concentration and prevent anxiety and stress while traveling. This could be particularly helpful if you are traveling to a distant place to give a presentation.

Haven’t you tried meditation? No worries, just pull out your phone and surf the web for easy-to-do meditation-videos posted by experts.

If you’re getting bored up during a long journey, watching a couple of videos could help you to pass time quicker and help boost your energy and concentration.If you practice meditation the right way, you will land down your destination with a clear mind and positive thoughts. 





Acupuncture is an age-old remedy to treat physical and mental problems. Here, we mean simple methods like massaging and twisting to activate the pressure points in your body, so you get an instant supply of energy.

Massage your temple (the right and left side of your forehead), circle your ankle, massage the muscle between your thumb and index finger, and gently press your wrist. There are eight critical acupoints to get rid of your travel headaches. 





Sitting on the cab, bus, train, or plane for hours without stretching a muscle could easily cause body pain and tiredness in any individual.

Agreed, you don’t get to stretch your legs or arms while traveling. However, you can follow some simple techniques like rotating your shoulders, lifting your heels, rolling your neck, and turning your wrist in a clockwise direction to exercise your wrist and forearm.

This is like a mini massage to help prevent stiffness of muscles and joints during travel. 





Your eating habits naturally change when you tour around the country or world. You don’t get homemade food outside, a lot of what you eat is loaded with bad carbs and unhealthy for the body.

Make sure to take fresh fruits and vegetables to supply your body with essential nutrients. In turn, it helps you to stay active and energetic during your trip. 





It’s highly recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day. But if you are traveling, you are required to consume more.

Now, don’t include coke or Pepsi. They are nothing but sugar, carbohydrates and unhealthy preservatives. Avoid taking cold drinks and instead consume cold or warm water according to the climate.

This will help you stay hydrated a healthy way, which in turn supplies your brain with more oxygen.

Ultimately, your energy level goes up when your brain is getting the right amount of oxygen. 




Place slices of cucumber on your eyes. Picture Flickr / ftzdomino


Did you know why we all feel sleepy while traveling? It’s because our body generates a tremendous amount of heat as a result of sitting for long hours.

Our eyes are among the first organs to be affected by the heat. Hence, we feel sleepy. In worst cases, it could even cause red-eye, puffiness, and fever.

The best way to avoid this is to place a wet towel on your eyes for about 10 minutes and wash your face. If you have a bit of privacy, place slices of cucumber on your eyes. Eye drops prescribed by your doctor might also help.

The other area that suffers the most while traveling is your skin. The dust, dirt, and bacteria that stick on your skin require immediate cleansing to avoid developing diseases due to poor hygiene.

Wash your face using cold water and soap and apply a moisturizer to feel fresh. Most importantly, don’t forget to take a shower once you’re back in the hotel room. 





Travelling can be an enjoyable experience if you check out the various entertainment options.

Listen to songs, watch a movie on a portable DVD player, watch movie trailers, play games on your phone, use entertainment-friendly apps, solve puzzles, write down your experience on a notebook, read the newspaper, or share pictures on social media.

There are tons of ways to entertain yourself and beat boredom, even if you have a boring neighbor.




Bitte nicht storen - Do Not Disturb


No travel recovery list is complete without the magical rejuvenating remedy called sleep. If you are on an 8-hour trip, why miss the chance to take a nap and clear your mind from all worries and work-related pressure?

The more rested your mind is, the better you’ll feel energized at the end of your trip. 


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