Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations from India

Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations from India

These days, we Indians are not happy with just embarking on desi trips. Places,

such as Kashmir, Kerala, and Goa have seen a lot of inter-country tourism, but as locals, we can visit them at any time we see fit. Here are the top 5 family holiday destinations from India.


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indian family holiday


The new trend today is that Indian families go abroad for a vacation.And what are these destinations that top their travel bucket list ?


Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations from India





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Singapore Holiday


Singapore is full of family friendly attractions like Sentosa Island, Universal Studio, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, Jurong bird park.


One of the top family-friendly holiday destinations for Indian families is Singapore, a city that offers a good blend of a variety of things to do.

As you can see, this place is the center of shopping in Asia and, in fact, the fashion capital.

Singapore is always on the move, and the locals are pretty friendly that you can count on them to help you never lose your way.

A must-do here is an evening visit to the Marina Bay area, where you will see fantastic scenery.


Hong Kong


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Hong Kong skyline at the Peak


Indian travellers do not require a visa to enter Hong Kong for purpose of Tourism


As there is no visa required, but just an adventurous heart and free spirit, Hong Kong is a favorite holiday destination among Indian families.

Here, you can take a walk on the city’s streets to view pretty and flashy architecture and help yourself to some yummy Chinese dishes.

You can also visit great museums and a replica of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As the city is always bustling with light and energy, you will be sure to get carried on that high wave! (Sightseeing & Activities in Hong Kong




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Mauritius Family holiday packages tours


Mauritius is also one of the most popular destination amongst the honeymooners from India


With sparkly turquoise waters, Mauritius has never failed to attract Indian families.

While the place is believed to be a quite expensive destination, it can actually be pretty budget-friendly if you book your holiday to Mauritius on time.

Mauritius can spoil you and your family in a second with its extravagant beaches, luxurious spas and delicious cuisine. ( See all activities in Mauritius




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dreamland bangkok thailand


Safari world and Marine park.

It is one of the most popular attractions for families near Bangkok, Thailand


Among the family destinations on this list, Thailand is the nearest and most budget-friendly destination from India.

Here, you can soak in the sun-kissed beaches, indulge yourself in the luscious Thai curries or visit the amazing palaces and temples.

There are many popular attractions in this country which are just meant for kids and family.




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big ben London family holiday


Whatever age your children are, there is more than enough that will keep you entertained over as many family breaks and holidays as you would like to have in this capital city of England, starting with the simple (but unique to the place) ride in a classic black taxi or a red London bus.

Here, you will have many things to see and do that would please all of you, such as famous and world-class monuments and museums, the mighty Thames River, wonderful parks and dining at their wonderful array of family-friendly restaurants.

The only problem you will face in London is fitting all these things in, which can be a good reason that you will keep coming back for more.


family vacation in singapore


There you have it—the top 5 family holiday destinations from India. So, what are you waiting for?

Start packing and experience the beauty and pleasure these places can offer you.

Enjoy and stay safe! 


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