Top 5 Places That You Will Love To Visit In Australia

Top 5 Places That You Will Love To Visit In Australia

Australia is one of the few places in the world that has everything for everyone, regardless of the season.

It has beautiful beaches and diving sites like tropical vacation destinations. It has wide arid lands reminiscent of Nevada, but also with a wide expanse of verdant plains and rolling countryside.

If you drive through its many scenic routes, you have breath-taking scenery on one side and the best views of the beach from another.



Given these many avenues to have fun, there is no shortage of sightseeing & activities in Australia.

But because the Land Down Under is teeming with places to visit, you might need to choose holiday packages to Australia inclusive of the tourist attractions you want to see, things to do, and events you want to experience.

As you would discover during your vacation, every city and district in Australia has its own flavour and charms.

So where do you start?



Top 5 places that you will love to visit in Australia




Hot Air Balloon Ride early in the morning is a popular activity in Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns & Melbourne. Don't miss it during your Australian Holiday. | Source: Australian Tourism Board


Also known as the Harbour City, this cosmopolitan metropolis in Australia has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful travel destination and the most liveable of cities.

So if you fall in love with it during your holiday, you will be more than welcome to stay for good.

There will never be a dull moment in this wondrous part of the world, what with the many things to do, see and enjoy in the area.

You can choose to do something as mundane as watching its skyline at night, or as adventurous as climbing the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. In between, you can mix it up with something relaxing or totally hair-raising.


Sydney Harbour Bridge is a top attraction, offers a great view of Opera House and City | Source: Australian Tourism Board


Because this multi-cultural destination serves up plenty of sightseeing & activities, finding the right holiday packages can be part of an adventure.

So how about you book your next dinner reservation in Sydney Tower or start your morning with cycling around the Bicentennial Park? 


#2. Cairns


Get close to underwater species in Great Barrier Reef from Cairns | Source: Australian Tourism Board


As the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, expect the city of Cairns to be bustling with mad activity with divers from all over the world clamoring to take the plunge, literally.

Because swimming is not always an option, take it one step further by diving instead. After all, it is one of the many things to do in Cairns. The city also leads to other fabulous opportunities for sightseeing & activities in Kuranda and Daintree.

What can you possibly see in Cairns during your vacation? Aside from the underwater wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, there are natural attractions above ground that continue to attract thousands of tourists all year round – Lake Placid, Smithfield Conservation Park, City Botanic Gardens, Mount Hypipamee, and many others.

Make the most of your vacation in Cairns, by choosing holiday packages with coach tours, diving and snorkeling activities, skydiving, salsa dancing and other sightseeing & activities that will let you see the beauty that is Cairns. 


#3. Melbourne


Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia


Melbourne, almost everything is bigger in size. The second-largest city in Australia. Extensive shopping centres. Large gardens and parks. Rich culture and arts. Exciting and fantastic events. It would be such a shame to not take advantage of holiday packages to Melbourne when the opportunity comes your way.

Do you really want to miss out on a wide range of experiences that you can enjoy in one place? Melbourne has the culture and history that are well-integrated in its modern and urban development, giving you an opportunity to walk down memory lane at one time, and enjoy the present in another.

Make sure you explore the many trails in the city aboard a bike, such as the Yarra River Trail and Bay Trail.

Among the favourite things to do in Melbourne is a cultural and historical experience with the aborigines, which will give you insights to this essential part of Australia.

Sightseeing, of course, is incomplete without checking out the City Centre and its many tourist attractions – Eureka Tower, Old Melbourne Gaol (Jail), The Yarra, Shrine of Remembrance and the Parliament House of Victoria, among others.

You can then complete your trip with a visit to St Kilda, Parkville, and Fitzroy/Collingwood. 


#4. Gold Coast


Learn to surf in Surfer’s Paradise - Gold Coast during your Australia holiday | Source: Australian Tourism Board


With Surfer’s Paradise taking center stage, Gold Coast is, undoubtedly, a surfer’s paradise, what with its numerous beaches and surfing venues. 30 beaches over a 40 km stretch would give you plenty of things to do during your vacation. No doubt about it.

And it doesn’t have to be all about sun, sea and sand either. This is because Gold Coast also has its share of natural and wildlife sanctuary, theme parks and other interesting places to visit.

Do you want to see the entire city without having to travel all over town? Climb to the top of the Q1 building and do just that. Do you want to see koalas and kangaroos? Visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Now, if you want to commune with nature and have an adventure at the same time, choose holiday packages inclusive of a trip to the Hinterland. 


#5. Brisbane


Get close to Panda. Hold it, touch it and feel it. | Source: Australian Tourism Board


Renowned for its laid-back and friendly atmosphere, Brisbane is one vacation destination perfect for the young, hip and young at heart.

As a new-world city, it is also where you can mix business and pleasure without the guilt. Like the rest of Australia, Brisbane has the ideal climate whole-year round, plenty of sightseeing & activities, and a charm that is nothing short of alluring.

What makes this city attractive is its mix of old and new tourist attractions. Brisbane City Hall and King George Square is the most historical and significant landmark in the area. The Wheel of Brisbane that will give a 60-m view of the city from inside a climate-controlled gondola.

When it comes to activities and trips, exploring different areas of the city is one of the best things to do. Explore Moreton Bay and Islands or Greater Brisbane Country. You can then mix it up by rock climbing in Kangaroo Point, hot air ballooning over the city, cruising the Brisbane River and hiking in The Scenic Rim. 


Map - Australia 


There are plenty of destinations worthy to be explored in Australia, cities to visit and tourist attractions to view.

Now all that is left to do is pack your bag and fly off to the Land Down Under.  


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