Top Places to Visit Near Nice, France  

Top Places to Visit Near Nice, France  

If you visit Nice, it would be easy to understand why this marvelous city draws in English aristocrats and Impressionist painters.

With stunning seaside scenery and a sunny weather (generally a mild climate all year round), this picturesque place seems to mesmerize visitors from every corner of the globe.

Originally discovered by the British in the 1820s as a winter resort, it is still a popular destination today. Here are the top places to visit near Nice, France when you are on a holiday in Nice:

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Top Places to Visit Near

Nice, France





  • Monaco and Monte Carlo

Even if you are on a tight time on your vacation, you can still take a quick private tour to Monaco and see the great things it offers to tourists, and the same goes for Monte Carlo.

With your transport taken care of, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your trips, then spend the rest of the day as you please. On your way to Monaco, you would enjoy the panoramic views of the Bay of Billionaires, the Villefranche over Cap Ferrat and the famous villas.

When you drive along the Lower Corniche, you will be taken to the Old Town of Monte Carlo, where you can visit its palace, cathedral and stunning gardens.
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  • Cannes

Just a small fishing village in the past, Cannes has transformed into an expensive and glamorous seaside town that is regarded as one of the social hubs in Europe.

Its best time to shine is May, when it becomes the venue for the world-famous Cannes Film Festival. During this event, you will be able to see celebrities and filmmakers up close.

Although the high-end restaurants, casinos and nightlife give Cannes a sense of exclusivity, the city does offer alternative travel solutions to suit all budgets. You can see the beauty and architecture of Le Suquet, which is known for its breathtaking views and cobbled streets, or just take the time to relax at its street sides and enjoy the views of its lovely marina.
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  • Grasse

Grasse is the home of the perfume industry that is built on the side of a hill inland from the coast of the French Riviera.

Views of Grasse are inspiring and the views of the coast (e.g. Cannes and Antibes) from Grasse and the hills above are marvellous. The surrounding villages are generally charming and not as despoiled by tourists as their more famous neighbors towards the coast.
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  • Provence Countryside

The Provence Countryside (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) is a very popular holiday spot in the southern part of France, covering a large area from the Mediterranean Sea to the French Alps.

To its western border, you will reach the Rhône River, and to the east, Italy. What makes the region particularly popular is the French Riviera, which boasts of its fine sunny weather, colorful countryside, language, tradition, food and wine, with its primary attractions including the city of Avignon and the wide array of villages that you can easily explore by car and bicycle.
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  • Eze

This is a medieval village that is perched like an eagle’s nest on a narrow rocky peak that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It is still crowned with the ruins of its 12th-century fortified castle that is sitting on a narrow rocky peak.

It is in this castle’s grounds where you will find the well-known Jardin Exotique. The place is also known for its parfumeries, so you might want to give them a visit as well.
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By visiting these top places to visit near Nice during your holiday in Nice, you can make your experience more fun and memorable. Enjoy your trip!

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