What to Do When in Vienna, Austria

What to Do When in Vienna, Austria

As one of Europe’s old cities with an important and rich history, a trip to Vienna, Austria should be on anyone’s bucket list.

This is one travel destination where the old world meets the new and you get to experience them both.

Within and behind the old walls, you will find a vibrant and young scene that showcases creativity.

With a choice of theater and culture in one area, impressive architecture in another, and classical music scenes somewhere else, Vienna is a place to explore in any way possible. What to Do When in Vienna?





What to Do When in Vienna 


Sit, Relax, and Caffeinate



In the capital of Austria, you will find coffee shops in nearly every corner. Taking time to sit back and sip a cup may not be the first thing that comes to mind when on vacation but this is something you must experience when in Vienna.

Order a cup of Melange or Cappuccino, take a deep breath, and allow your eyes to roam around.

Take the first step to acquainting yourself with the locals and tourists just by people watching at the coffee shops. 


Explore the neighborhoods



Got a thing for historical buildings? Head out to the 1st district and take a walk along the Ring where you will find old structures with amazing architecture.

You should also go around St. Stephens Square and Naschmarkt area for more beautiful buildings.

If you prefer somewhere greener, the hills and countryside of Cobenzl or Kahlenberg provide the perfect destination. 


Take the unusual route



Vienna has no shortage of museums and attractions but some are more unusual than others. If you have an adventurous streak, you might want to choose the unusual route and visit the following:

Stephandsdom Crypt with its royal intestines and skeletons, which number by the thousands.

Clock Museum with its 1,000 clocks and one that has been calibrated to run until year 9999 comes around.

Kriminalmuseum with its macabre collections from historical murders in Vienna.

The Narrentum, an insane asylum turned museum for pathological anatomy. 


Watch a Mozart Concert



Visit during Christmas and watch string quartet performances of the works of the most famous classical composer in Austria.

The annual concert is held in the Sala Terrena, where Mozart once worked and lived. It is located at the convent of Deutscher Ritterorden, not far from the Hofburg Imperial Palace and St. Stephan’s Cathedral.

Decked out in festive splendor, the concert venue is just one of the many reasons to make time to watch this Christmas event. 


Go on a gastronomic journey



What’s a vacation without tasting the local fare and cuisine? In Vienna, finding a place to stay is as easy as checking out Spottedbylocals online. With tips and information that locals themselves have provided, you are sure to find the best places to eat and drink.

But with Eitrige found on many stands everywhere in the city, you’re unlikely to starve. This sausage-with-cheese treat is considered by many meat lovers as a must-try when in Vienna.

There are plenty more to see and do in Vienna, so you might want to start planning your trip right away. Get in touch with Lavacanza for a well-planned vacation. 


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