Why Mauritius is a Top Honeymoon Destination from India

Why Mauritius is a Top Honeymoon Destination from India

A honeymoon is something that all newlyweds are eager to have. It is a great way for them to begin their married life with pleasant memories.

Given that Indian weddings are very luxurious events, planning them can be very stressful. So, it is best to select a honeymoon destination from India that has everything to take away the stress.


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One honeymoon destination from India that has become a favorite for Indian honeymooners is Mauritius. Why?


The Scenery and Activities 


This little island is known not only for its beautiful beaches but also for its landscape. When you take a walk across it, you will find nature reserves and parks that you will surely enjoy if you are a nature lover.

While a good part of Mauritius is dedicated to agriculture, especially for the growing of sugarcane, there are also dense and beautiful forests in the remote and mountainous areas, such as Chamarel and the Black River Gorges.

Also, a lot of fun activities are offered at these reserves and parks, which include buggy rides, quad biking, horseback riding, zip-lining, photo safaris, trekking and many more.


tropical beach summer vacation Mauritius


The Hotels and Other Types of Accommodation


There are a good number of luxury hotels and resorts on the island of Mauritius, and most of them have spa facilities.


Honeymooners can choose from a variety of hospitality establishments that can surely provide what they need for the best romantic experience.

And as these hotels are located along the shore with white-sand beaches and clear waters, they offer a splendid setting for these couples. 

For couples who do not want to have their honeymoon in a crowded or noisy hotel and wish for a more intimate setting, they can instead choose from the many private luxury villas scattered on the island.

By doing so, couple can enjoy all the perks that they can get from a luxury hotel, while having an exclusive property available all to themselves.


Honeymoon couple in a sandy beach in Mauritius


Almost all of these villas in Mauritius also have their own gardens and swimming pools. Among the amenities that are generally offered by these private luxury villas are private chef service, house staff, laundry service, concierge services, in-home massage, chauffeur and more.

Plus, these establishments provide guests with access to nearby spas and golf courses. 


The Culture 


Mauritius is known around the world as a multicultural island, which means that there is no tension between the various communities that populate it.

Now, this multiculturalism can be experienced by visitors in almost every part of a vacation in the country, from the cuisine that combines tastes from different regions in the world to the music that they will hear.



It is even capitalized by some hotels for their architectural design, interior décor and the food that they serve in their restaurants. This entails that guests can experience the world on just a single small island.


ille aux cerf, Mauritius island


Air Mauritius


Air Mauritius is an official carrier of Mauritius and offers convenient connections from many cities in India. Air Mauritius generally makes a connection of 6 nights (actually ideal minimum time required for a honeymoon trip) for Mauritius.

Air Mauritius often come up with special offers specially targeted for honeymoon couples traveling to Mauritius from India.



Because of these reasons, Mauritius has truly deserved its international reputation of being a top honeymoon destination from India. It is sure to offer a memorable experience for newlyweds visiting this great island.


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