Why Staying for a Night in Atlantis Hotel Is a Must during Your Dubai Holiday

Why Staying for a Night in Atlantis Hotel Is a Must during Your Dubai Holiday

 Are you looking to spend your holiday somewhere magical?

If your mind’s pointing to Arabia or something related to magic carpets, you are going on the right direction.

After all, there’s no place else in the world where you can find a mythical world brought to life. 


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Dubai Palm. Outdoor skydiving. View of Atlantis Hotel Dubai


Atlantis Hotel, The Palm


Inspired by the myth of Atlantis, stepping inside Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai is like stepping into an entirely different world. One that will inspire dreams, and make you want to realize what you have been dreaming of for a very long time.

The grandeur and luxury of its design and architecture make it a tourist destination all on its own. No wonder everyone wants to stay for a night in the Atlantis Hotel during their Dubai holiday.

Sure, a night’s stay may break the bank. But it would be an experience that you can’t put a price over. 


Atlantis Monorail in Dubai 


Atlantis Hotel, The Palm


Atlantis is a hotel resort built at the very end of the Palm Jumeirah, an equally magical place with crescent-shaped islands.

It was the first resort to be built on the artificial archipelago in the United Arab Emirates.

It opened its doors to the public in September 2008. 


luxury Atlantis hotel, Jumeirah Palm Island in Dubai, UAE 


What sets the Atlantis Hotel, The Palm apart from other hotel resorts?


The Rooms, Atlantis Hotel, The Palm


The Atlantis Hotel has more than 1500 rooms all nautically themed. They are spread between the East and West Towers and linked together by the Royal Bridge Suite.

There are three types of Guest Rooms: Deluxe, Ocean Deluxe, and Palm Beach Deluxe.

There are three types of Club Suites: Terrace Club, Executive Club, and the River Club.

There are also four Signatures Suites: Presidential Suite, Underwater Suite Grand Atlantis Suite, and the Royal Bridge Suite.

For visiting families, there are Two Bedroom Family Suites available.

Given the hotel resort’s opulence and grandeur, expect all the rooms to wow you, and make your stay truly unforgettable.

The names alone, such as the Underwater Suite, would conjure up images that would get you all excited to book your stay.


A room with a view of Aquarium (Source: Werner Bayer | Flickr) 


Marine and Waterpark


Once you step inside the Atlantis Hotel, you wouldn't want to leave or go anywhere else.

After all, it offers several entertainment options that are sure to keep children and the young at heart occupied.

Adventure venues include the Dolphin Bay, Sea Lions Point, Aquaventure Waterpark and the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Each of these areas has something different to offer, and which you are unlikely to fully explore if you only stay overnight. For most people, a two-week stay in the Atlantis is never enough. 



As a celebrated holiday accommodation, the hotel resort also has fantastic dining options, Spa & Fitness venues, places for meetings and events, and nightlife venues.

With nearby beaches and pools, you will have fun during your stay at the Atlantis Hotel. 


Blown Glass Sculpture. Atlantis, The Palm lobby (Picture: Athena Lao | Flickr)


Do you really only have a night to spare? Be sure to take the plunge at the Leap of the Faith water slide, dine to your heart’s content, and make the most of your time being surrounded with luxury and grandeur. 


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