Why you must see Alcazar Show on your visit to Pattaya

Why you must see Alcazar Show on your visit to Pattaya

Now when you have decided to visit Pattaya, Thailand, naturally you are looking for ‘brimming with life’ beaches, Sun, water sports opportunities, Good Thai food, fun, entertainment, shopping, nightlife and everything in between.


Every package tour available to Bangkok and Pattaya usually include on the very first day (evening) this famous cabaret show ‘Alcazar’.Questions in your mind – Is it worth watching? What is so special about this show? I have heard about Tiffany Show as well, which is better?

Alcazar show, Pattaya

Well, you will have your few questions answered when you reach the venue. Any hotel you are staying in Pattaya, is just about 10-15 minutes drive to this show. On arrival when you see 25- 30 tourist coaches carrying tourists from China, India, Korea, Pakistan and from many other countries, you begin to think there must be something special about this show, it looks like every tourist who has come to Pattaya wants to see this show. (This scene is valid though for every show in Pattaya) after-all everyone is on a holiday and Pattaya is an entertainment city.

 Alcazar show is a nice way to kick-start your very first day in Pattaya. Show offers a perfect balance of Thai culture, music, colorful performance, extravagant costumes, spectacular stage set-up, light and sound effect. Overall it promises to delivers a great entertainment. In the end, you are sure to appreciate and compare it with other shows you have seen in the other part of the world.

Alcazar show, Pattaya

Beautifully dressed performers come out after every show for an opportunity to have your picture clicked with them. (No one forgets to leave a small tip in exchange of photograph and as an appreciation for their brilliant performance.).

First show starts at 1830 Hrs. and there are 3 shows every evening with a duration of 1 hours approx.  There is a small café, a Thai restaurant and a gift shop as well in the complex.

All this for a price tag of USD 7, tell us what do you think.


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