Why you must visit Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan, India

Why you must visit Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan, India

Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan or Pushkar Mela in Rajasthan is not only the largest cattle fair in India it is also considered to be one of its kind in the entire world, this post and presentation explains - why you must visit Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan, India.

In november every year, villagers from rural Rajasthan flock to Pushkar with their cattle and camels for livestock trading and pilgrimage. ( Lord Brahma's only temple in the world is in Pushkar).

During this time Pushkar becomes a cultural hub and transforms into a Fairground with villagers in colourful dress, musicians, folk dancers, traders, sadhus and tourists reaching at the sametime. Everything put together it creates a magic and a lifetime experience for visitors. 

In a nutshell if you are visiting Rajasthan in India do not miss this spectacular event. ( Most picture are taken by Mr.Sanjar Imam during his visit to Pushkar)


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