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Chandigarh Holiday Packages

Chandigarh Holiday Packages

Chandigarh is the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana and is known for its unparalleled quality of life and world-renowned architecture. It's one of the few locations in the world where nature and modernization coexist.

Its jagged skyline is a mixture of tall buildings, old temples, and the Shivalik Hills that stand tall and large over the city. The mountains provide the perfect backdrop. As the city in India with the lowest crime rate, visitors will feel safe at any time. The perfect excuse to book holiday packages or tours to Chandigarh.


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Chandigarh Holiday Tour Packages

La Vacanza Travel offers sightseeing tours and holiday packages to this prestigious city in India.
Spend the day visiting the Kasauli Hill Station, exploring temples in Shimla, or visiting the Palampur Tea Gardens & Dharamshala. And if you want to visit neighboring towns, book a one-day tour to the Anandpur and Kiratpur Sahib.
There are 6-day holiday packages you can book as well. However you choose to explore Chandigarh, La Vacanza Travel will cater to your needs.

Places to Visit in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most significant sites of a 20th-century urban planning experiment. The famous French architect-planner Le Corbusier designed an urban scheme plan that represents the head, heart, lungs, limbs, and the circulatory system of the human body.
Capitol complex
Representing the head, the Capital Complex is where you will see magnificent buildings and massive concrete sculptures with the peaks of the Shivalik Hills looming over them.
City center
Representing the heart, the city center is where you will find many modern conveniences, including shopping malls.
Leisure valley and gardens
The Leisure valley and gardens represent the lungs and is made up of many different parks and gardens. These also include valleys, forests, and trees.
The cultural educational institutions represent the limbs, while the 7Vs or 7 roads are the circulatory system. Book holiday packages to Chandigarh and see more.

Things to Do in Chandigarh

  • Go sightseeing and see with your own eyes Le Corbusier’s master plan for the city.
  • Visit the Museum and Art Gallery and the Chandigarh Museum for a taste of history and culture.
  • Sign up for guided walking and cycling tours for more immersive holiday packages.
  • Visit the Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, and the Hill Stations of Shimla, Kasauli, and Solan.
  • Watch movies in movie halls with the classical single screen format.

Top Attractions in Chandigarh

Sukhna Lake
This artificial reservoir is located in Sector 1 and is a favorite hangout for many. It has a cafeteria, a mini-amusement park, walking paths, and shops. Here, you can jog or stroll along the banks.
Rock Garden
This beautiful garden was designed by Nek Chand and born out of his desire to have for himself a little patch of jungle in a small garden. Today, it features a series of interlinking courtyards and hundreds of sculptures.
Pinjore Gardens
Located 20 km from Chandigarh, the Pinjore Gardens is worth the detour because of its Mughal style and location—at the foot of the lower Shivalik ranges. It has a Japanese garden, plant nursery, historic palaces, and a mini zoo.

Chandigarh. Book holiday packages

Don’t miss out the beauty that is Chandigarh. Book holiday packages from La Vacanza Travel.

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