Chittorgarh Holiday Packages

Chittorgarh Holiday Packages

Chittorgarh is special to many Rajputs because its history reflects their bravery and chivalry. The fort was put under siege three times in the past and, each time, the people opted to die a brave death instead of facing the humiliation of being captured. You can learn more about their sacrifice by visiting the historical attractions in the city, such as the Chittorgarh Fort and Rana Kumbha’s Palace. You’ll also want to climb up Vijay Stambh, a nine-story tower that will give you great views of the city. Start planning your trip to Chittogarh by booking holiday packages with us here at La Vacanza Travel!


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Chittorgarh - Holiday Tour Packages

One of Rajasthan's treasures and the largest fort complex in India, Chittorgarh is a magical wonderland that looked like it grew out of the rocks. With the Chittorgarh Fort as its major tourist attraction. It is a travel destination that people from all over the world want to see and witness with their own eyes. But the real allure of the magnificent fortress is the legendary tale of love and sacrifice behind it. A vacation in this part of Rajasthan would be an experience that is as hunting as it is poignant. Are you ready to experience different sightseeing & activities?

Places to visit in Chittorgarh

Your vacation to Chittorgarh would be incomplete without a visit to one of the most historical and impressive structures in the city. Built on top of a massive rock and extends to a circular road, the fort complex of Chittorgarh Fort stands sentinel over the city, and is very hard to miss wherever you are. It is as impressive as China's Great Wall, but with a history that is replete of love and sacrifice not just the tragedy of war. 

Nagri is 20 km from Chittorgarh that is worth a detour during your trip. The long travel you take will be well-rewarded when you reach the one of Maurayan era's most important township, which is home to excavations and ruins that bore the stamp of the Maurayan and Gupta era. 5 km from Nagri is the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary where you will find panthers, antelopes, wild boars and migratory birds. Whether you are in or at the outskirts of Chittorgarh, you will find many places of interest to visit.

Things to do in Chittorgarh 

  • Explore the Chittorgarh Fort and the entire fortress compound. Apart from the massive walls there are compartmentalized sections within that you will surely enjoy visiting. Prepare to be mesmerized with Queen Padmini's Palace, which started it all including the legendary history of Chittorgarh. 
  • Visit the Gaumukh Reservoir and feed the fish living in the sacred deep tank that is filled with water coming from a ‘cow mouth’. It is located at the edge of a cliff, a trek to the reservoir is one of the favorite things to do when in the city.
  • Go shopping and buy a camel leather embroidered Jutis, a must-buy during your vacation in Chittorgarh. This and Akola fabrics, metal ware, and painted wooden toys.
  • Travel during the months from February to March and join in the Jauhar Mela annual fair, one of the biggest Rajput festivals.

Top attractions in Chittorgarh

  • Kalika Mata Temple - Dated 8th century, the Kalika Mata Temple was originally a Sun temple but was rebuilt as a Kali temple during the 14th century. It sits right across Queen Padmini’s palace. 
  • Fateh Prakash Palace - Unlike other palaces, the Fateh Prakash Palace is of modern style, but remains faithful to the spiritual beliefs of the locals. It features a Ganesh idol, different frescoes and a collection of sculptures. The palace has now been converted as a museum. 

Chittorgarh holiday packages

With a history and culture that is rich and mystifying, choose holiday packages to Chittorgarh for an opportunity to visit the city and know of its legend.  

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