Mr. Rajeev Singh

Country Head and CEO - BenQ

Incentive travel programs are the most recognized and successful motivational tool providing a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience, motivation and recognition to participants for meeting exceptional levels of performance in support of company's goals.

For BenQ, Channel partners are most important customers. Each year, we meticulously plan on these programs with a very clear objective of motivation, engagement and recognition at the same time ensuring comfort, top quality services and exotic locations that is cherished forever. Our channel partners strive hard to be a part of BenQ programs and few of our programs have in recent time have emerged as most sought after programs in the industry.

We have been closely associated with LA VACANZA team for various such travel programs in the past. LA VACANZA Team had helped us greatly in providing our dealers memorable time. We appreciate their consistent desire to provide the best of services and their exceptional tour management. Best wishes to LA VACANZA for an outstanding success and we hope for a long-term business relationship with them in the future.