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Dehradun Holiday Packages

Dehradun Holiday Packages


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Dehradun - Holiday Tour Packages

Believed to be the place where Lord Rama and his brother performed penance for killing Ravana, Dehradun is not just the capital of Uttara Khand, but a travel location where pilgrims and tourists converge to enjoy a spiritual experience. As the gateway to Missouri, a famous hill station known for its orchards and natural landscapes, sightseeing & activities would be diverse and exciting. Are you ready to spend your vacation in the amazing city of Dehradun? 

Places to visit in Dehradun 

  • Picnic Spots - Natural landscapes abound in Dehradun that you can practically spend your holiday enjoying a picnic from one area to another. Want to spend it along with tigers, peacocks and two-horned deer? Have a picnic at the Malsi Deer Park. If you don't want to go very far from the city, Lachhiwala is the ideal option. Located in the suburbs, it has different pools, with different water levels.
  • Temples - Did you know that Dehradun is also mentioned as part of the house of Shiva? So expect to find several temples in the city, including the Tapkeshwar Temple, Jawalaji Temple, Ram Rai Darbar, and Laxman Sidh Temple. 

And if you're still looking for other places of interest travel to the Rajaji National Park, Mindrolling Monastery, and The Kalinga War Memorial. 

Things to do in Dehradun

  • Go on a picnic. With a lot of parks, gardens and other venues to choose from going on a picnic is one of the popular things to do in Dehradun.
  • Sign up for trekking and adventure tourism. Dehradun is the base for Garhwal hills, making it the ideal location to start your trekking adventure.
  • Take a dip at the sparkling waters of Yamuna. The perfect way to end and day of engaging in sightseeing & activities.
  • Choose one of the several holiday packages available that will give you an opportunity to go sightseeing in Dehradun, visit temples and spend a day at a national park.

Top attractions in Dehradun

  • Rajaji National Park - When in Dehradun, you must allocate one day of your vacation to visit the Rajaji National Park. Check out its lush valley, rich flora, and magnificent ecosystem.
  • Rajpur Road - If you haven't been to Rajpur Road, then you have never really been to Dehradun. This is like the tourism mecca in the city where would you will find an abundance of food and nearby attractions, such as Topovan and Sai Darbar Temple. 
  • Tapkeshawar Temple - Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this ancient temple is a cave with a seasonal river that passes through it. Located in the banks of a rivulet, water drops from the ceiling of the cave.
  • Mindrolling Monastery - One of the largest existing Buddhist centers, the Mindrolling Monastery is also one of the six major monasteries of Tibet’s Nyingma School. The original one is in Tibet, and the one in Clement Town in Dehradun is what Khochhen Rinpoche and small group of monks re-established in 1965. 
  • Robber’s Cave - Getting to this tourist attraction would mean enjoying sightseeing & activities in one location. You have to take a 1-km trek, past a refreshing stream that vanishes after flowing a few kilometers away. This amazing phenomenon is one of the reasons that tourists visit the Robber’s Cave. 

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