Gujarat Holiday Packages

Gujarat Holiday Packages

Being the 6th largest state in India, Gujarat brings a fascinating and vibrant experience for every traveler. With many Gujrat holiday packages available for tourists from different walks of life, it's going to be an experience like no other.  La Vacanza offers well-curated tours that ensure a one-of-a-kind trip for every traveler. Therefore, visitors will experience a little slice of everything to make the whole experience worthwhile. Come and explore


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Gujarat Holiday Tour Packages

Located on the west coast of the entire Indian country, this destination calls in tourists who are looking for different kinds of tours and adventures. From national parks, breathtaking places of worship, to fascinating wildlife sanctuaries and picturesque beaches, tourists will always find something interesting to do in Gujarat.

Gujarat: A Tourist Hub

This wonderful Indian state continues to be one of the most sought-after destinations in this wonderful country. From 2010 to 2011 alone, the region brought in about 20 million visitors from both domestic tourists and travelers all over the world.

Scenic locations from natural grandeur to architectural magnificence await every visitor to Gujarat. Not only that, the region celebrates Hindu craftsmanship and Islamic architecture which opened up to new possibilities for the Indo-Saracenic style.

The people are known for their warm hospitality. Their words of welcome, "Aavo Padharo" will truly be evident wherever you go and visitors will always be treated highly. This experience will surely inspire guests to keep coming back to Gujarat.

Top Places to Visit

Ahmedabad District

Right in the heart of Gujarat lies the state's metropolis. While it serves as the center of the entire Gujarat region, Ahmedabad remains to be deeply rooted in its rich culture and character while the economy and society continue to grow rapidly.

The city is also known for its close connection to the great Mahatma Gandi and their fascinating display of Islamic architecture.


Known as the Jewel of Kathiawar, this destination sits on the coast of Gulf Kutch. This city is where tourists can find unspoiled beaches, well-preserved temples, and majestic palaces.

Not only that, their national parks and sanctuaries preserve magnificent birdlife, marine wildlife, and corals. Nature lovers, beach bums, and history buffs should be sure to choose holiday packages that include Jamnagar in their itinerary.


This state capital is a highly-urbanized portion of Gujarat. Its streets are wide and well-developed while schools, playgrounds, shopping centers, and parks fill out the corners of the city. It's a progressive city that is considered as an educational hub and a growing industry for engineering and electronics.


This city is popular for being the former capital of the royal state of Saurashtra. Regal architecture abounds the streets of Rajkot. The structures are picturesque and the nature that surrounds it is the Aji River.

The city also boasts itself as a wonderful hub for arts, history, and culture. In fact, the district is known for their handicraft, textile, silverwork, and beadwork industries.

Visit Gujarat

Indeed, this breathtaking state is a great destination for every type of traveler. They easily get blown away by the variety of things that Gujarat has to offer.

During your next visit to India, make sure to create wonderful memories by choosing Gujrat holiday packages that include this breathtaking and unique region.

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