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Guwahati Holiday Packages

Guwahati Holiday Packages

Located on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra, Guwahati is the largest city in Assam and one of the fastest growing in the country. Filled with Hindu temples, it is known as the City of Temples, but there is more that Guwahati has to offer to visitors who book Guwahati holiday packages to visit the city.

At La Vacanza, we offer a wide range of holiday tour packages for you to enjoy a memorable trip to Guwahati.

10 Days Best of Arunachal with Kaziranga and Shillong


Duration: 09 Nights | 10 Days

Departure Point: Guwahati



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The Best Places to Visit in Guwahati

If you want to experience the best of Northeast India, you should not miss visiting these tourist spots in Guwahati:

Assam State Museum

Located in the heart of Guwahati, the Assam State Museum is a great place to learn about Assamese culture. It was built in 1940 by the Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti under the late Kanklal Baruah, but was acquired by the state government in 1953.

Today, the museum houses several collections that tackle areas like natural history, sculptures, epigraphy, folk art and anthropology. It also features rare sculptures made from wood, stone, metal and terracotta.

Kamakhaya Temple

Sacred to both Hindu and Tantric worshippers, the Kamakhaya Temple is one of the biggest Shakti shrines in all of India. It is located at the Nilachal hills and is flocked by devotees all year round.

The original temple was destroyed by Kala Pahar and was later reconstructed by King Chilarai of the Koch dynasty. The main temple has three major chambers and is dedicated to the different forms of Mother Shakti. The complex also has five temples, each dedicated to the different forms of Lord Shiva.

Umananda Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Umananda Temple is located in Peacock Island, which is surrounded by the Brahmaputra River. The temple was made in 1694 AD and features intricate sculptures and carvings up to this day, although some parts of the temple were destroyed due to an earthquake that hit the area in 1897.

Umananda Temple is an important pilgrimage spot for devotees, especially during the festival of Shivratri.

Alfresco Grand

After exploring the city’s temples, there’s no better way to relax and enjoy good food than to board the Alfresco Grand, a two-hour dinner cruise on the Brahmaputra River. You can sample delicious dishes while enjoying views from the river or the performances of Northeastern music and folk dance.

Guwahati Planetarium

The Guwahati Planetarium is the perfect place to visit for both children and adults with exhibits that never fail to amaze its visitors. You can also try different astronomical activities in the planetarium to give you a glimpse of the glory of outer space.

Guwahati Zoo

Located in the Hengrabari Reserved Forest, Guwahati Zoo covers a total area of 432 acres and serves as a habitat for more than 895 animals, reptiles and birds from around the world.

Take your family to the zoo to see rare animals like the clouded leopard, elephant, golden langur, hoolock gibbon, Himalayan black bear and the one-horned Indian rhinoceros.

Holiday Packages to Guwahati

What are you waiting for? Book our holiday packages to Guwahati, India to experience all these things and more. Our team is ready to help you choose the right holiday packages to fit your needs.

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