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Haryana Holiday Packages

Haryana Holiday Packages

Formed out of the state of East Punjab in 1966, this northern Indian state is wealthy and one of the most economically developed in South Asia. Back in the day, it was also home to the Indus Valley Civilization, with sites located at Rakhigarhi village and Bhirrana. If you want to explore this historically rich area, check out the Haryana holiday packages and tours La Vacanza has to offer.


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Haryana – Holiday Tour Packages

The Haryana of today may be home to many Fortune 500 companies, but way before that, it was home to a very ancient civilization: the Indus Valley Civilization. Since it’s a Hindu-dominated state, one can expect to experience and see Hindu culture. If you don’t know where to start a tour of this place, La Vacanza holiday packages are here to help you out.

Haryana Must-See Destinations

Most holiday packages take you to the most popular destinations in Haryana. Some of the must-see places in this state include the following:

Raja Nahar Singh Palace 

Located in Ballabgarh and about 15 kilometers from South Delhi, this is a complex where you get to experience royalty. Although it has been converted into a motel and restaurant, the architecture of the palace itself is still a sight to behold.

Pinjore Gardens 

Built in the 17th century, the Pinjore Gardens in the foothills of the lower Shivaliks is a fine example of the Mughal Gardens architectural style. It’s now called Yadavindra Gardens but it still bears the structure laid out years ago.

Notable Cities

Haryana is home to many notable cities, each of which offers something different to a visitor. You can enjoy some of its wonders by availing of holiday packages that take you to different places of interest in Haryana’s notable cities.


This is Haryana’s largest city located to the south of Delhi. The Raja Nahar Singh Palace can be found here, but there are other attractions such as the Siddharta Temple complex and Shiva temple. The town park is also beautiful and a must see.


Although a suburb of Delhi, this city is situated within Haryana’s borders. This is where you’ll find office complexes and lots of shopping malls. Interesting attractions here include the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and the Vintage Camera Museum and Foundation. For those in search of activities, you can catch a movie at DT Cinemas, engage in water sports at the Wet and Wild Resort, or have fun at the Sky Jumper Trampoline Park.


Known as Angpradesh during ancient times, it is home to many old structures such as the Old Fort, Miran Sahib’s Tomb, Kalander Shah’s Tomb, and the Sita Mai Temple.


This is a holy city and a location of a battle found in the passages of the Mahabharata. One can enjoy a day trip in this location doing activities such as seeing the different temples, taking a dip in Bharam sarovar, and seeing a movie in one of its cinema halls.


Although mostly known for educational institutions, cloth markets, and dairies, the city has a rich historical background with several Harappan site discoveries. There are many nice restaurants in the city as well, in case you want to grab a bite to eat.

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