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Jaipur Holiday Packages

Jaipur Holiday Packages

Feel the excitement of a bustling and vibrant metropolis that is Jaipur. It offers a mix of old and new, and lets you experience the quiet corners of an alley at one time, and the crowded streets swarming with rickshaws and the occasional camels at another. Make sure to choose holiday packages with sightseeing tours that will take you to Jaipur’s remarkable landmarks, the most distinctive of which is the Hawa Mahal, a structure reminiscent of a honeycomb, standing tall, proud and pink. Just below it is a bazaar where you can enjoy a different shopping experience. Call La Vacanza today to plan your Jaipur adventure.

Best of Rajasthan with Agra


Duration: 12 Nights | 13 Days

Departure Point: Delhi


Golden Triangle Tour - Delhi, Agra, Jaipur


Duration: 4 Nights | 5 Days

Departure Point: Delhi



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Destination Guide

Jaipur - Holiday Tour Packages

The largest and capital city in Rajasthan, Jaipur is an 18th-century marvel that was built rather than declared as a city. It is the first planned city in India with Sawai Jai Singh as the brains of it all. At one time in its existence, it was called the Pink City which referred to the original color with which the buildings were painted. Whatever color you see now on its major buildings is not the exact pink shade that was previously used. This gives Jaipur its colorful history. Pink or not, the capital city is one of India's most travelled holiday destinations because of its association with the Golden Triangle. People who want to travel to the best of India can start with the Golden Triangle of Agra, Delhi and Jaipur.


Places to visit in Jaipur

  • Palaces - As the capital of the Land of Kings, it is expected for Jaipur to have a palace or two as tourist attractions. Even if it has only one, it would still be considered as one of the most important as it houses the former royal family. The palace also has the architecture, design and construction that are fit for royalty.
  • Temples - What Jaipur has plenty of are temples with such stunning architecture and style that you must see during your vacation. Pilgrim or not, spiritual or otherwise, visiting temples could give you that profound, soul-stripping experience you have been looking. 
  • Forts - Rajasthan's capital city is home to 3 forts – Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and Nahargah Fort, which served as an impregnable defense when they were first built, but are now windows to the past. Among the three, Jaigarh Fort is the strongest, as it was never conquered during battle.

Other places to visit include gardens, museums, activity centers, and entertainment hubs.


Things to do in Jaipur

  • Go sightseeing and see some of the most notable and iconic tourist attractions in Jaipur
  • Enjoy a picnic or just sit and relax at any of the city's gardens – Sisodia Rani Palace and Garden, Central Park and Ram Niwas Garden. 
  • Go on a spiritual journey and visit temples all over the city. Start with Govind Devji Temple, the second most important temple in the world for followers of Lord Krishna.
  • Experience the unique nightlife in the city when you visit activities and entertainment centers. 

Most importantly, do not let your vacation end without exploring the bazaar in the city center. Even if you have no plans to go shopping it is the perfect place for a sensory experience of Jaipur. Be prepared for your senses to be treated to local sights, sounds, smell and color.

Top attractions in Jaipur 

  • City Palace - This vast palace showcases the blend of Mughal and traditional Rajput architecture. The entire complex also gives a glimpse of the luxury, elegance and flamboyance that the royal family enjoyed. The ostentatious interior is balanced by the sprawling gardens, series of courtyards and magnificent buildings found outdoors.
  • Amber Fort - Behind the massive structures that make up the fortress are buildings and sites that draw people from different parts of the world. Together with the hybrid Hindu-Muslim style architecture of the fort itself, they create a world that is almost magical. 

So, are you now ready to choose holiday packages to Jaipur? 

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