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Jerusalem Holiday Packages

Jerusalem Holiday Packages

Rich in history and home to ancient landmarks and attractions, sightseeing and tours in Jerusalem is a spiritual experience. The activities you can do, however, run from religious to otherworldly and everything else in between.

With plenty of top things to do, every day is a new experience. When the sun goes down, the scene of incense is replaced with something more exciting. Explore its market and nightlife hub.

Our Jerusalem Holiday Packages are designed to provide you with every opportunity to see and do more. Contact us today to learn more of what we offer and the number of itineraries we provide.


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Jerusalem Holiday Packages

Both Islam and Christianity consider the old part of Jerusalem as one of the religion's holiest places, that makes it a unique choice for a tour. After all, it is where people of different religious associations converge. Surrounded by impressive walls and with many attractions outside of it, a visit to Jerusalem and its old town would surely be worthwhile and a memory for a lifetime. 

With Jerusalem holiday tour packages that will take you from one stunning location to another, you should grab the opportunity. Learn more about a Jerusalem adventure from La Vacanza.

Top places to visit in Jerusalem

In every place you visit within the city walls are different sights and sounds that you can enjoy. The Christian Quarter, for example, has the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the main shopping thoroughfare of the Christian Quarter Road, the outdoor cafes and smoke shops in Muristan, and the Church of Saint John the Baptist.

The Muslim Quarter, on the other hand, is where you will find the Dome of the Rock, the Museum of Islamic Art, and the Monastery of the Flagellation, among others.

Top things to do in Jerusalem

There are many activities in the City of Jerusalem that you can enjoy. Just be prepared to explore most of them on foot.

  • Walk the Via Dolorosa

The Way of Sorrows, as it is otherwise known, traces the last steps of Christ before He was crucified in Calvary. The 0.25-kilometer route takes visitors and pilgrims through the different Stations of the Cross.

  • Ramparts walk

Want to explore one section of the old city wall to another? The ramparts walk lets you do exactly this. The ramparts are only accessible at Jaffa and Damascus gate.

  • Walk on the roofs

Get a good view of the city above the rooftops of the central souk. You will get an unobstructed view of the Dome of Rock, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the bustling streets below.

  • Check out the Western Wall and the Western Wall Tunnels

Write your prayer on a note and insert it in any of the crevices in the Western Wall. Then, take a tour of the underground parts through the tunnels. Make sure to take a picture of the earth's 5th-largest megalith hidden below.

Top attractions and landmarks in Jerusalem

  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher

This is one of Christianity’s most sacred sites, featuring four magnificent arches and lintels that are decorated with crosses associated with the Crusaders.

  • The Western Wall

A trip to Jerusalem would be incomplete without visiting Judaism’s holiest prayer site. Here, you write your prayers instead of saying it.

  • Israel Museum

Featuring indoor and outdoor galleries, the Israel Museum has cultural treasures that date back more than 5,000 years. The Archaeological Wing is where you will find titanic statues.

  • Mahane Yehuda Market

From first-time visitors to residents, this is where all of Jerusalem meets. They're not there for a meeting, however, but to shop for fruits, vegetables, and wheels of halva.

Jerusalem Holiday Packages

The Old City of Jerusalem is a holy city to both Islam and Christianity, which makes it a unique choice for a holiday destination. After all, it is where people of different religious associations converge. Surrounded by impressive walls and with many attractions outside of it, you should visit Jerusalem and experience it firsthand. With Jerusalem tour Packages that will take you from one stunning location to another, you should grab the opportunity. 

There is more than one way to fully explore and experience a holiday destination. With Jerusalem - Holiday Packages, there is every opportunity to see all of Jerusalem in one trip. Book your holiday with us, La Vacanza Travel.

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