Jharkhand Holiday Packages

Jharkhand Holiday Packages

If you are a first-timer or a frequent visitor to eastern India, you shouldn’t miss a visit to Jharkhand. The state is popular to wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers because it is considered the Land of Forests. This is due to the fact that it is blessed with forests, hills, mountains, and waterfalls, making it a perfect holiday destination. Checkout our Jharkhand holiday packages.


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Destination Guide

Places to Visit in Jharkhand


If you are still looking for your first stop upon reaching Jharkhand, then you have to start in Ranchi. This is because Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand. It offers tourists some mesmerizing holiday packages to enjoy while staying in eastern India. You can visit a number of temples, lakes, dams, and zoological parks in Ranchi.


Jharkhand also has Jamshedpur, which is the largest city of the state. It is known to be the home of Tata Steel, the first private iron and steel company in India. Most of all, it has a number of tourist attractions that tourists and nature lovers can enjoy and explore its natural beauty.


Aside from the wildlife tourism in Jharkhand, the picturesque destination of Hazaribagh should complete the holiday packages you are looking for. Gardens, hills, temples, waterfall, and wildlife sanctuaries are just a few of the delightful experiences for local and foreign tourists all year round.

Top Attractions in Jharkhand

If there is something that can bring you to Jharkhand, then it must be the attractive tourist destinations of the place.

Maithon Dam

When it comes to attractions, the Maithon Dam in Dhanbad is not your ordinary dam because it is among the top 10 tallest dams in the country. It is also the first of its kind in the entire Southeast Asia. It even has an underground power station designed for controlling flood.

Maa Chhinmastika Temple

You shouldn’t disregard holiday packages that include temples because it is abundant in India. Most of all, it entails a very holy and popular location for Hindu pilgrimage. You can see inside the temple the headless deity and the Tantrik architectural style of the structure.

Bhuvaneshwari Temple

Aside from being one of the most popular and important Shakti Shrines of the state of Jharkhand, it is also among the Adhishakti Peeth. The structure of the temple has been based on the South Indian architecture, making it an interesting location to visit.

Best Time to Visit Jharkhand

If you haven’t visited the state of Jharkhand yet, then you should have an idea when is the most preferable time to visit the place. To begin with, it is important to know that the summer starts early in April and ends by mid-June. The rainy season also starts thereafter and ends until September, while the winter season begins in November and ends in February.

However, it is not a cause for concern for prospective tourists because holiday packages are well-designed to suit the best experience for you. Since Jharkhand has a tropical climate, you expect humid and hot summers and cold winters.

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