Jordan Holiday Packages

Jordan Holiday Packages

If there is only one thing for you to do in Jordan, that is to be amazed. Be amazed at the hospitality, a practice that stretches back hundreds of years to when camel caravans plied King's Highway for trade. Be amazed at the stunning desert landscapes. Be amazed at the collection of World Heritage sites, including the awe-inspiring Petra. Be amazed at the remnants of history, from Roman amphitheaters to castles from the time of the Crusades. This is Jordan: a place that truly inspires awe and deserves more than just a brief exploration. Choose and book from our Jordan holiday packages and tours for an unforgettable first-hand experience.

8-Days Best of Israel and Jordan


Duration: 08 Nights | 09 Day

Departure Point: India

EMI starts at Rs. 0


05-Days Best of Jordan with Amman, Petra and The Dead Sea


Duration: 04 Nights | 05 Days

Departure Point: India

EMI starts at Rs. 0



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Destination Guide

Jordan Holiday Packages

Is it safe to visit Jordan? Considering the conflict in other regions around it, it is understandable that safety would be your first concern. But you’d be glad to know that Jordan is a safe haven and you have every opportunity to immerse in its delightful offerings of world heritage sites, friendly towns, and vast desert landscapes. 

And with cheap Jordan Holiday packages and tours, you can enjoy these without breaking the bank. From Jordan group tours to private ones, La Vacanza Travel can satisfy your needs to truly and fully experience Jordan.

When is the best time to visit Jordan?

March is the start of spring and when temperatures are in their teens, making it an ideal time to visit. This is also when wildflowers emerge, and the valleys are green. But if you want to go diving in Aqaba, visit when water the temperature is warm at 260C which is in September, October, and early November.

Top Places to Visit in Jordan

Amman : The capital of Jordan is where you'll see the old blends with the new. Here, you will find ultra-modern buildings close to historical structures. Amman is a fascinating and vibrant city with people who will welcome visitors and show them around.

Petra : The city is the most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction in Jordan for the very reason that it is carved into the shell rock face of giant red mountains. Therefore, it is also called as the “rose red city.”

Aqaba : Home to the Red Sea, Aqaba offers you the best snorkeling and diving sites in the world. Here, the climate is temperate, and the water currents are gentle.

Top Things to Do in Jordan

Explore Petra on foot : As a vast wonderland, exploring the Petra Valley would take at least four or five days to complete. But you can always pick one section of the valley and take a leisurely walk around it. Admire every inch of this age-old wonder when you book Jordan holiday packages.

Take a dip in the Dead Sea : With a rich cocktail of minerals, covering yourself in mud or floating on the Dead Sea lets you soak up the healthy minerals and get a dose of healthy.

Diving and snorkeling : Aqaba has many dive centers, with well-maintained dive equipment and professional instructors. With their assistance, you will see a diverse plethora of marine life that thrived in the temperate climate and gentle water currents of the Red Sea.

Top Attractions and Landmarks in Jordan

Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea : What more can we say except that a trip to Jordan would be incomplete without visiting this wonderful attraction?

Petra : Do you want to know why it is one of the greatest wonders ever made by nature and men? Book Jordan holiday packages and find out for yourself.

Roman ruins of Jerash : Right here, you can visit old Rome without going to Rome. This Roman site has colonnaded avenues, ceremonial gates, temples and theatres, and many things that reflect the imperial center of Rome.

Wadi Rum : Want to live like a Bedouin even just for a day? This is easily and safely the best place to get a glimpse of the desert of Jordan. Spend the night at one of the desert camps and re-experience a time when you have nothing but the bare necessities.

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