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Madhya Pradesh Holiday Packages

Madhya Pradesh Holiday Packages

Tourism wonderfully flourishes in Madhya Pradesh as it is right in the center of India. Not only that, it is home to many cultural heritages from different religions. From Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and many more, places of worship and monuments are all over the state.

If you're looking for a deep cultural immersion in the center of the country, La Vacanza offers great holiday packages in Madhya Pradesh that will fit every type of traveler. The region is a holistic and fulfilling experience in itself. Therefore, this destination is definitely something that tourists should not miss.


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Madhya Pradesh: A State that Attracts Many

This central Indian state is never short in must-see places for tourists from different walks of life. It presents a perfect mix of natural locations, religious destinations, breathtaking structures, and world heritage sites.

Like many other states in India, history and culture are heavily embedded in the state's rich tapestry. And with Madhya Pradesh being a very large state, there's definitely a lot to see and do for every tourist.

With its magnificence and uniqueness, the state consecutively won Best Tourism State National from 2015 to 2017.

Make your trip a memorable one as you choose from many great holiday packages in Madhya Pradesh. With its destinations, culture, history, and unique experience, your trip will truly be unlike any other.


Key Places of Attraction


As one of the most popular tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho wonderfully celebrates love and life. It is the home of ancient temples that displays some of the finest art all over the world.

In fact, they are famous for the temples' intricate depictions of erotic art all over the structured walls. Its exceptional display of architecture also made this destination one of the unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country.


Known as the king of pilgrimage, Armakantak is a well-visited Hindu pilgrimage site for many believers and followers of the religion all over the world. Besides a being a religious destination, the city is filled with wonderful natural sites that are worth visiting.

This destination is where the Satpura and Vindhya Ranges meet--making this home for great lush forests. It is also where three great rivers emerge: Narmada, Johila, and Sone.


Untamed and elusive, Pench is the birthplace of the ideas that sprung from the mind of the well-celebrated author, Rudyard Kipling.

The land and inhabitants of this great land are what inspired Mowgli's adventures in The Jungle Book. Jackals, tigers, leopards, and many more animals await travelers on their exciting holiday packages in Madhya Pradesh.


The city that existed even back during the 6th century brings a scenic tour to many travelers. For example, Jahaz Mahal seems to be floating and looks like it's about to sail. However, breathtaking sceneries don't end with that alone.

Structures are craftily adorned with Afghan architecture while surrounded by majestic baobab trees. Palaces are weaved with a rich history of imperial conquests that are only waiting to be discovered.


Madhya Pradesh Holiday Packages 

Indeed, Madhya Pradesh will leave you awestruck and speechless as you enjoy every minute of the great holiday packages and tours offered by La Vacanza. Start your unforgettable trip to this state and any parts of the country today!

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