Mandawa Holiday Packages

Mandawa Holiday Packages

Whether you’re an artist or not, Mandawa should be a part of your travel itinerary. This town is famous for its havelis, which are elegant mansions that feature intricate, colorful, and eye-catching art on their walls. These structures are why Mandawa is sometimes called Rajasthan’s open art gallery. Anyone can view these works of art; simply stroll through the area, walk up to a haveli that catches your eye, and admire the artwork. Some of the most famous mansions include Sewaram Saraf Haveli (a favorite Bollywood movie location) and Ram Pratap Nemani Haveli (which is now a heritage hotel). Call La Vacanza Travel now to book your Mandawa holiday packages!

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Destination Guide

Mandawa - Holiday Tour Packages

Mandawa is a fort town located in the district of Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan, India, specifically situated 190 kilometers off Jaipur in the north. It is known for its fort and havelis and is well connected with the other places in the region via a good network of roads, which means that it is a good base to go for holiday and find other attractions in the state, aside from its hidden gems.

Sightseeing destinations in Mandawa

As previously mentioned, Mandawa is famous for its numerous havelis and its fort, which was constructed in 1755 AD by Thakur Nawal Singh and has been converted into a heritage hotel. As for its grand havelis, the best ones to see are the the Goenka Double Haveli, Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli, Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli and the Murmuria Haveli, which are adorned with beautifully painted frescoes on their ceilings and walls depicting Rajput rulers, mythological events, traditions and the daily happenings in town. However, some havelis cannot be accessed from the inside, as they are barred by owners. Nevertheless, you will be able to view a considerable amount of frescoes from a street-side view on foot.


Top tour activities in Mandawa

These are the main things to do when you are in this wonderful place in Rajasthan:  

  • Visit the Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli - Here, you will see many erotic images, though many of them have been systematically defaced. In the last brackets on the first half of its southern wall, you will see an image of a woman giving birth, attended by maidservants, which is followed by another erotic image in the 5th niche from the end on the wall.
  • Dine at the Bungli Restaurant - Near the Bikaner bus stand is a popular outdoor travelers’ eatery, which serves piping-hot tandoori and cold beer. You should try the food that is cooked fresh by a chef hailing from Hotel Castle Mandawa.
  • Visit the Harlalka Well - You can access this spot by taking the road leading south from the Murmuria Haveli and then detouring to the right. The impressive Harlalka Well is marked by four pillars and an old camel ramp.

Top tour attractions in Mandawa

Mandawa represents the wealth and prosperity of Rajput merchants, and these are the attractions that you should not miss:

  • Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli - This haveli is a must-visit if you are a history buff or art lover, as it shows Rajasthani art and heritage. It is popular for its beautiful artwork that reflects the creativity of artists from the bygone era. With intricate carvings and designs on its pillars and walls, you will be taken back to the glorious time of the Rajputs.
  • Goenka Double Haveli - The paintings of horses and camels on the facade of this haveli make it look extremely attractive. It was founded by Rajput merchants in the 18th century, with frescoes, paintings, motifs, carvings and other designs being carefully embedded of Indian and European style of decoration.
  • Murmuria Haveli - This striking haveli dates back to 1930s and is best known for its attractive paintings that mainly depict the political leaders of ancient era. It boasts of elegant architecture that familiarizes you with rich culture and art of Rajasthan.

Mandawa holiday packages

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