Manipur Holiday Packages

Manipur Holiday Packages

Blue hills, verdant fields speckled with flowers, rivers, and lakes can only begin to describe the exquisiteness of Manipur. It is after all “A Jeweled Land” as Manipur’s name literally means in the Indian language. 

What gems of places are to be discovered in Manipur? What to do, where to eat, what tour to take etc. are all but questions that can be answered with meaningful Manipur holiday packages right at your fingertips. ( Picture : Naulak Naulak | Flickr)


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The Jewel of Manipur’s People 

The wealth of this Indian state comes from the very people who have settled in the valley. Its biggest ethnic group is the Meitei whose language, Manipuri is also widely spoken in the state.
Located the Northeast India with Nagaland and Assam as its neighbors, Manipur primarily relies on agriculture with its amiable climate owing to the hills and valleys.
For tourists, a great time to look around and visit Manipur is October through February where the weather is pleasant without the scorching heat of the sun or the humidity for that matter. Of course, your Manipur holiday packages should be ready by that time.

Manipur Holiday Tour Packages

When you say Manipur holiday packages, you can rightfully think of the modern-day Polo, its rich culture with the Manipur dance, and of course the beauty of the place.

Top Destinations in Manipur

Look no further than the state’s main city and capital, Imphal. It has the conveniences for the modern-day traveler: airport, malls, and such. But don’t be fooled as the city is host to royal palaces, temples, and gardens of ancient kingdoms.
The most famous structure in Imphal is the Shree Shree Govindajee Temple, which sits in the vicinity of the Royal Palace. It is an architectural masterpiece, considered to be the largest Hindu Vaishnav temple in the city.
When in Manipur, it’s hard to miss Loktak Lake. Touted as Northeast India’s largest freshwater lake and home to phumdis, the lake flows by Moirang. The phumdis themselves are a sight to behold: they are “floating islands” of vegetation and soil that are home to wildlife and plant life.
The lake is the world’s only floating national park that also supports the livelihood of fisherfolks and farmers.
Dzukou Valley, which borders Nagaland, captures the breathtaking beauty of Manipur. The valley was named after the Dzukou lily, a species of lily that can only be found in the said valley. Joining the Dzukou lily are wildflowers and birds that serenade the lush carpet of green crisscrossed by rivers.

Top Things to Do in Manipur

Travel by air, by road, or by rail (via Assam) to reach Manipur.
For the world-weary, Manipur is a place to forget your worries as you explore the valley and lake, get lost in ancient temples, and immerse in festivals that are based on the lunar calendar. 
Local malls and markets in Imphal will keep your tummy and eyes satisfied. The Khwairamband Bazar where all shops are owned by women is bustling with local products you can take home with you.

Manipur Holiday Packages

Manipur is one great Northeast Indian adventure. Come have a peek at our Manipur holiday packages and plan your next trip with us. Cheers!

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