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Munich Holiday Packages


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Munich - Holiday Tour Packages


Although it's home to the annual Oktoberfest, Munich isn't only a city that has close ties to beer culture. In fact, 19th-century Bavarian kings made sure that arts and sciences flourished as well. And those efforts continue to ring true today for the city of Munich is known for its various museums housing a wide collection of ancient, classic and modern art. 

So when you think about a holiday in Munich, be prepared to not just take advantage of the many beer gardens but to also appreciate the history and culture of Germany's second city. Also being a centre for business, engineering, research and medicine, Munich is the home of several multinational companies, as well as several world-class technology and science museums. It's through the unique combination of cultural heritage and technological developments that Munich has been known as a city of “laptop and lederhosen.”

Top places to visit in Munich

Planning to travel to Munich can be a bit of a problem not because it's hard, but because there's so many things to do. And depending on how much time off you have for holiday, you can only see a handful of places. Luckily, Munich is divided into districts where you can focus your attention on depending on your interests.

  • City Center – this is the area within the old city fortifications and it's where you'll find plenty of the main tourist attractions such as the New City Hall, the Residenz and the Nationaltheater. This is where you'll also find historic churches, historic city gates and several major shopping areas.
  • Maxvorstadt – the upscale academic and arts district located north of the historic city centre. It's home to the two top German universities, as well as world-class art museums such as the Pinakotheken, Museum Brandhorst and Lenbach Haus. 
  • Schwabing & English Garden – filled with small cafes, shoe and fashion stores, speciality book stores, galleries and speciality restaurants.
  • Olympic Area – the site of the 1972 Olympic Games.
  • Neuhausen-Nymphenburg – a generally relaxing district where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Ludwigsvorstadt-Isavorstadt – two very different areas with the former being home to a large immigrant population and the latter being filled with cafes, bars, nightclubs and a famous theatre. 
  • Au-Haidhausen – known for its clubbing scene.
  • East – mostly a residential and recreational area. 

Top things to do in Munich

Ernest Hemingway once said, “You do not even go somewhere else, I tell you there's nothing like Munich. Everything else is a waste of time in Germany.” And it's quite true as well as there are so many sightseeing & activities to do while in Munich. 

  • Take part in Oktoberfest - Oktoberfest is not the best beer festival in the world for nothing. Sample different kinds of beers and take part in the merriment. 
  • Watch a football game - The Allianz Arena is home to one of the best football clubs in the world: Bayern Munich. The team boasts of some of the best talents the football world has ever seen and have been Bundesliga champions for a number of years running. 
  • Catch a show  - Be it in the theatre, at the opera or a music venue, you'll be spoilt for choice with the amount of shows you can go see. 
  • Enjoy the historical and cultural delights - No trip to Munich is ever complete without seeing some of its best wonders. There's palaces and castles like the Residenz, a former moated castle turned residence; the royal avenues and squares like the Ludwigstraße which is lined with Italian Renaissance buildings; churches such as Frauenkirche, Theatinerkirche and Michaeliskirche; the buildings and landmarks such as the Neues Rathaus, Altes Rathaus and the Maximilianeum; and technology related museums such as the BMW Museum and the Deutsches Museum. 

Top attractions in Munich

  • Marienplatz – the central square in the heart of Munich where you can start your exploration of old structures, churches and landmarks. 
  • Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady (Frauenkirche) – biggest church in Munich and its main landmark.
  • English Garden – the largest park in Munich where you can rent a paddle boat, walk along wooded paths and visit a traditional beer garden.
  • Residenz – a former royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs. Today, it's one of the best European museums of interior decoration with over 130 rooms showcasing antique furniture, art, tapestries and porcelain from the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and neoclassical era. 
  • Olympic Stadium of Munich – where the 1972 Summer Olympics were held. 

Munich Holiday packages

Where do you even begin to start when you're in Munich? The city is just so rich in every aspect be it culture, food or history. In times when you feel truly overwhelmed with planning a Munich holiday, we can help you out with our Munich holiday packages. And should you need more information, we're more than willing to help you out. 

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