The Best Nagaland Holiday Packages

Nagaland Holiday Packages

Nagaland Holiday Packages

It is the land of the Nagas, described as the ancient warriors of India. A modern Indian state, Nagaland is a tapestry of culture and heritage, thanks to the Naga people and 15 other tribal groups that consider it their home. Take on immersive Nagaland holiday packages or a tour and experience the richness and beauty of the place. (Picture - Sharada Prasad CS)


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Destination Guide

The Lay of the Land

Imagine Nagaland with its peaks covered by white clouds of mist that perpetually envelop them.

Nagaland is characterized by hills and mountains with its most famous mountain range, Naga Hills. This mountain system stretches as far as Myanmar like a border so to speak.

These mountains and the land itself sustain the people of Nagaland. Agriculture is their main subsistence and their festivals pretty much show how important the soil is.

The Land of Festivals

The sweeping mountain scape of Nagaland is in itself a breathtaking view. And you are guaranteed to fall in love with the people through the many sights and sounds this Indian state can offer straight out of Nagaland holiday packages.

Nagaland is often touted as the land of festivals with its many tribes that brought forth their own traditions, customs, and beliefs. Each month, each tribe organizes a festival to showcase its roots.

Festivals are spread out through the year and that means you have a chance to jump into one with our holiday packages. These festivals are your ticket to the culture and heritage of each tribe.

The Hornbill Festival

But the festival of all festivals and one you shouldn’t miss falls in December. The Hornbill Festival runs for a week, usually on the 1st day to the seventh day of the said month at the Naga Heritage Village in Kohima.

While it is a relatively new festival as it was first held in 2000, the Hornbill Festival is everything that is Nagaland. It is a massive lineup of cultural activities, of songs, dances, crafts, music, arts and the traditions from all the tribes coming together for this proud display of their heritage. 

Words are not enough to describe the sights, sounds, and colors of the Hornbill Festival that aptly got its name from the hornbill with its colorful plumage.

When in Nagaland

The land is teeming with things to do, sights to see, and places to discover. The Khonoma Village, Kohima War Cemetery, Kisama Heritage Village, and Kohima Museum are good starting points for a cultural tour.

The Japfu peak is worth the trek as it takes you to the Dzukou Valley: Flowers in full bloom, lush vegetation, thick, white clouds. This scenery made Nagaland the Switzerland of the East. Triple Falls is also not to be missed, fabled to be where Arjuna took a bath in Mahabharata. This natural wonder is located in Dimapur which is the site of the Kachari ruins and a modern-day business center, as well. 

You can only experience Nagaland if you have swung by local markets and eat their delicacies, vegetables and exotic dishes. The Naga Bazzar in Kohima is a perfect example for this experience.

The Best Nagaland Holiday Packages

An experience of a lifetime awaits you in Nagaland. Don’t sweat out on the details, we got your back covered with our Nagaland holiday packages for you.




















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